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Friday, September 4, 2009

Good shot!

Our latest family picture taken last July20, 2009

Netbook anyone?

This is suppose to be together with my other multiply stuff. But just the same should anyone be interested in getting one of these newest netbook (with flipping capabilities like that of the iphone) just leave a message with your e-mail address.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back at square one

It is one thing to break up with a person. It's another thing to actually get back to where you were before. The heartache can be a nerve-wrecking experience but to actually go back to same rut is another thing altogether.

So am I someone who doesn't believe in second chances? Not at all. But when second chances have been given, when demands have been made and when all expectations have been laid out and still without any development or changes, then there is no such thing as second chances. There shouldn't be any hope for change. There should just be plain acceptance.

What is to be accepted? That the relationship should not have taken place to begin with. That it was better to stay as friends, having the time of your life, no commitments, just good company with no strings attached. Sometimes we indulge too much with the thought of being in love and translate great friendships to be true love. We have to learn to guard our hearts to not be in love with the thought of being in love for us to be able to think well and discern what is in front of us.

If there is anything more excruciating than seeing someone get back to a not-so-great situation is the fact that loved ones are hurting as well. When family and friends get to see the picture in a larger frame, face-to-face with the loose ends of what seems to be the an endless heartbreaking dilemna. It is not about forgiveness, it is no longer about forgetting the past. It is dealing with reality and what lies ahead and seeing those bumps along the way that can only be seen by the eyes of those that are on the more objective side.

It is a never ending discussion. But I am not resting my case.


We've experienced quite a whirlwind of events the past couple of months. My husband's grandfather, after being hospitalized for almost two months, succumbed to cancer last July. It was painful but the Lord still made things beautiful in so many ways. Hubby celebrated his 28th birthday, which I will be posting separately. Family and friends visited for a short stay and we have gone to and fro to different places just to meet up with them. Issues from the past came haunting us back (not our issue, happy to say) that added to the pile of emotions that was already stacking up high. The three of us went down with the flu and movement of office sites, both for me and hubby, is happening soon.

So I guess you can't really blame me for just choosing to sleep more even if my heart really wanted to find time to write. It was just physically draining. But I'm over it. Hopefully, I won't get caught up with anything else again.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have officially been out of the blogging world longer than I could ever imagine. I almost forgot my password, so I guess that makes it official. Yup, big bummer.

To top it all of, I've been having dilemna with my current status of being employed. It breaks my heart to think that I don't spend enough time with our son and that I am depriving my husband of the tender, loving, care that he ought to be getting. Not that he doesn't get TLC but not as much nowadays since I am barely awake when he gets home and we don't get to spend more time. Of course, we did talk about this set-up. Me working at night and him during the day. Yet my heart is wishing for something much, much better as anyone would.


If only dreams and wishes can be given overnight and that the next day a fairy tale life can be lived over again. But the reality is that life can only get more complicated and you just have to keep up in such a way that you still keep your sanity.

If I can keep on writing, I know I'd be far from insane.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shout out!

I am experiencing more ways than one to be heard. I am officially getting addicted to plurking and twitting. Although how I wish I can do this more often in a day but nevertheless I still post a few things before I sleep during the day. (READ: Working at night)

So which do I like best?Plurking or twitting? Both. Plurk actually leads me to realize how I am feeling at the moment: loves, likes, wishes, prays, hopes, and the list goes on. Twitting allows me to just say anyhting out loud while I see how my friends are doing. Its somehow a forum where people just holler or holler back. It's like group plurking I suppose.

I'm hoping to have more energy in getting to my laptop and connecting to the world bcause of these two new past times. That of course plus my blog.


R u Online?

It is amazing how technology can just think of things to get people connected round the clock. When friendster first came around, people are just ecstatic to find their long, lost friends (READ: People whom you barely remembered or vice versa who suddenly reminisces memory all for the sake of adding up to the number of friends tally. Ha!) because of the birth of social networking online.

The thing is, as the days and months and years go by, the idea of social networking evolved. You now have your blog sites on top of your yahoo groups and your forums, add to that facebook, multiply, hi5, then plurk then twitter. I think I am even far from what is out there because definitely my list is but too short.

So why the sudden analysis of such things? Simply because one of my friends actually asked why I didn't have a facebook account. Yes, my path to realization was led by that simple question and I honestly did wonder why I never even found the time to do so.

Then I made a short list of the things that I have been busy updating: friendster, my two websites, our multiply site, 3 e-mail accounts (excluding that from work), wordpress, on-line photoalbum...not included here are my tasks as a mom and as a wife. Can you just imagine how I would actually look like if I do it all- over at the same time?

Your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime, just visit our family blog and let's take it from there. Who knows, you mind end up blogging and relating to the world instead of just craddling yourself in the confinement of the social network you are in.

Still no facebook. Even after this blog post.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The celebrity in me

Photo Doll at FreeFlashToys.com

DRIZzled Sticks!

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

Honest Scrap Award

Thanks Issa for remembering me even if I haven't been around that much.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:

1. In sum, choose a minimum of Seven (7) Blogs that you find Brilliant in Content or Design to pass on this Award.
2. Then list at least 10 honest things about yourself.


1. I am good at memorizing lyrics.
2. Sinigang is my favorite dish.
3. I can eat a half-gallon ice cream in one sitting..alone!
4. I'm a "scissors" person. I'm not comfortable using the cutter.
5. Dead Poets Society inspired me to become a writer. I started writing poetry after watching this movie.
6. I'm a fan of Side A since 1991.
7. I used to collect chocolate wrappers and then use them to write letters to friends.
8. I am a Morning Rush fan. I've been listening to Chico and Delamar since my highschool days. (Refer to the date in #6, hehehe)
9. I am a Born Again Christian and I love how God has made me realize that we should learn to know Him in the way He wants to be known.
10. I read a lot of blogs and visit a lot of sites but don't always find the energy to leave messages (Sorry =< )
This is so late. Please feel free to snag it. But my seven blogs would be Mec, Tna, Rocks, Irmee, Donna, Jen and Joanne.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Blog list

Things to watch out for in the days to come:

1. Desserts and more. My top favorite sweet finds -- from ice creams, to cupcakes, to shakes.
2. Movie list 1. My all-time favorite movies
3. Movie list 2. Movies that I wouldn't want to miss on the big screen. Upcoming flicks for this year.
4. Gadgets and gizmos. Latest trends in technology. Probably have this in parts.

There. That's my to do list as well. See you around and comment on these topics when I finish them. Maybe we can exhcange list too!

Until then.

Chocolate time

Can you imagine how yummy that chocolate was? Oh, those eyes just gave it away!

MVP 2020

He can't get enough basketball -- little ball, big ball, orange, black
He shouts when he sees somebody do a jump shot,
He practices dribbling,
And now he's wearing a jersey.
Who ever wins the NBA Finals...I don't care much
because we found our MVP!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music and me

I'm not sure if I've shared this information about myself but I aside from writing poetry I have had my share of songs as well. Yes, in some brief shining moments of my artistic side, music found its way to me and I have in one way or another incorporated it with my poems.

This is more than just an accomplishment for me. Its actually one of those days that I feel really good knowing that I found harmony for my writings. My very first composition was done way back 1996 (yeah, that long!) during my college days and it happened while I was holding my guitar trying to get over a sort of heart breaking day. I wrote down the chords, excited that I am entering a new level and soon enough my classmates are lining up to hear my music.

When I got home I had me and my sister record it on a casette tape (I know, ages ago right?) and we added second voice and all those stuff just to make it sound as if it was recorder in a studio and presenting it as if it had been well arranged. Well, it wasn't as fancy and how I really wish I had known that I can actually make it happen that a whole orchestra would back up my arrangement!

Yes, world class performance at the tip of your fingers. If only technology was such during those days. I've got a few more songs that I have and I would really love to have it arranged beautifully -- with all that jazz as they say. Of course when I get my songs performed by a live ensemble I would make sure to post it here on our blog! Who knows, a recording contract maybe up for grabs soon.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I can't believe how I have not been around to write something for the last two months!

This is so not me. After all the things that has happened, the least that I can do is to at least post a picture every week to sum up what has been up with me and our family. Sometimes, I just cant find the energy to do it. But it is more depressing, seeing your blogging friends visit your blog without any new content. Not giving them something to read about, nothing to digest.

I have to do something about this...SOON!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My emotional weekend

The weekend that passed by was not so good for me. It was emotionally tormenting that I felt my heart just shattered and the better part of me didn't even want to exert effort in picking up the pieces.

I will not even dare tell what happened and why I have been subjected to such an experience. But I believe it had to happen to finally (Yes, this is the final story to this issue) figure out what to do, to have all the cards laid down, to pinpoint the source of pain and literally burn it all down.

But it wasn't easy. I had to guard my heart for two days even if that meant sleeping with tears.

I cannot contain my hurt that I can feel a throbbing pain in my chest. All the more I did not even want to talk about it anymore and just wanted to move on after I have, seemingly, erased the whole event from my memory bank. Of course, it was far from happening.

So I had put it into writing. Pouring to my soul's content every detail that my poor heart is feeling. Setting expectations, demanding for what is mine in the first place. The result was a shirt-drenching experience, having to be face-to-face with bitterness and sadness all at the same time. The misunderstandings of where I am coming from versus what the other person is assuming all blended up to become this climatic scene which was won over by LOVE.

Yes. It was a happy ending. And I wouldn't want it any other way. We tore the old pages and started with a brand new sheet on this one, starting off from where I wanted to begin, learning each detail that I could possible know,and saying out loud my thoughts on everything else that has got to do with this not-so-good episode. Will it be different this time? It should be. Because I don't want to go through the same ordeal twice.

When everything else fails, LOVE is the answer.


I missed writing...so much. I can find time, but I honestly can't find the energy to get in front of my laptop to update my blog. Night shift is taking its toll. I can barely sleep well. My number of sleep has been reduced from 7 hours to 4 hours even if the airconditioning unit is on.

Moving on...

I am happy to share to the world that, thanks to my brother-in-law Nikki, our wireless router is now od use. We are now on wifi! Yeah! No longer limited due to cables. Such a nice way as I get myself back to the blogsphere.

So there...just for starters. Back again, hopefully.

Friday, March 13, 2009


For the Nth time this morning, I watched the movie "The pursuit of happyness". My husband and I totally love this movie and I'm pretty sure that most people feel the same way. It has been elevated and tied up to my all-time favorite movie that is "Dead Poets Society".

Is happiness just to be pursued? Is it non-existent? The movie was so real. It reflected pains, dreams, struggles, disappointments, fears. It showed life the way it is most of the times -- challenging, hopeless, hard to the core. For the number of the times that I've watched it, I have come up with a few reflections of my own.

1. Life is like a rubix cube.
During my high school days, I have been addicted to the rubix cube. Studied the techniques on how to play it and later on mastered my way on completing all six colors of the cube. So why do I say that life is like this cube? It's different colors signifies the different aspects in our life -- emotional , financial , physical , spiritual and mental. When we are faced with a challenging situation, sometimes these colors get all mixed up that our life may seem to be too chaotic. But then you have to remember that just like the rubix cube, it can still be fixed. You just need a whole lot of perseverance and energy to channel the negativities in your life to something more useful. Don't allow bad situations rule over your life. There will always be a way out of it.

2. We are all interns.
Life is like an internship. It is one long journey of learning, competition, and doing things to get to the top. It is a process of proving yourself to the world even if it means getting up immeditely even after getting hit by a car or preparing coffee for people who you think have a better life than yours.

3. You've got to have a motivating factor.
It was Chris' son that motivated him to pursue a better life. Sometimes, it's all we ever need just to keep moving on. Whatever it is that pushes us to become better persons would definitely help us in keeping our eye towards our goal. Never let your eyes wander from your insipiration.

4. Some parts of our life can really be called "being stupid".
Yes, just like when Chris said that "This part of my life is called being stupid" we also fall into such situations. We need to. Many times we think we know everything only to find out that we don't. Of course we have to make sure that our stupidity will lead us to further knowledge and not to a bottomless pit of stupid events.

5. If time machines were real, I'm one lucky girl.
After having major times when stupidity was prioritized, how I wish there were parts of my life that I can undo only to make it much better.

6. Trust in a must.
Just as Christopher trusted his father that everything will be alright, we have to trust as well that no matter how bad things may seem, everything will fall into its proper place. The sun will always shine after the rain. It can't always be a stormy day all year round.

I am happy. But I still have a lot of things that I hope and dream for. This part of my life is called the "Trying to be successful" (with a tagline probably of ways to earn more money...hahaha). There have been days that we don't have money in our pockets, there had been times when we literally don't know how to get by our expenses. But we are far from sleeping in a public comfort room and that alone is proof that we are still blessed.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Zye is soooooooo handsome with his new haircut! Am I just loving my own? Be the one to judge.



I just love what the hairstylist did to his hair. I didn't even give any specification. I just told him that I wanted it trimmed because it was already too long. I was surprised, but very glad that he had good tast on what would look good on my son. Haay, he's growing up so fast....

Miggy and Laida Part Two

Yes. My husband and I somehow still found a way to watch the second team up of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Remembering how fun it was the first time they were paired up together was enough reason to actually see the sequel of their movie.

The sun dance was still there, the "Kailan" song was pretty much used up to brighten the couple's day, the ever wacky team was still complete (of course with their never ending punchlines). Add to those the "Bebe ko" message tone (which undoubtedly found it's way to the viewer's cellphones as well), the power hug, the 5-second kiss, and the "mas love kita" line of Laida.

Inspite of the kilig factors that was added to the movie, it wasn't as romantic as the first installment. I guess that's part of the deal when the dream comes to life. Laida's fairy tale was translated to reality which brought issues rather than the simple "kilig" factors. It was no longer about the prince charming saving the damsel in distress. It was about a couple figuring out how to keep the love no matter how hard things may seem. It showed people how wrong it is to give up your life entirely just to be with someone and how it is not helpful to not give up anything as well so that you may be with the one you love.

Confusing? More tricky I suppose. But that is how love is. You'd have to learn the game well for you to play it well and stay longer than all the other players. It's a winner take it all thing -- you and the one you love in a happy (almost) ever-after.

Should you watch it? Yeah, why not. Amidst the crisis, it's still one feel good movie that you can relate to. After all, it's always fun to remember how it is to be in love.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The scouting mom (Part 1)

This is a first of a few parts. I'm calling this series: The scouting mom and this particular blog as: The scarcity of high chair

Yes. It seems to me that there is a scarcity of such. Yesterday, while eating at Greenwich, I asked one of the crews if they have a high-chair. He apologetically told me, "Sorry mam, gamit na po" (Sorry mam, it's already being used). I was surprised answering back, "Isa lang ang high-chair ninyo?" (You have only one high-chair?) Of course, his answer was a meek yes.

I never really thought of the importance of having high-chairs in food establishments not until I became a mom. But thinking about it, ALL restaurants and fast food chains SHOULD have enough number of high-chair for the simple reasons:

1. Unless it's a bar where kids are not allowed, expect the reality that families may choose to eat in your establishment.

2. The adult community includes Moms and Dads who may choose to eat dinner out together with their child -- no matter how young they may be.

3. Children do eat too!

4. It will be more messy if kids don't have their own eating are. They might end up running around the place as well and making a scene if they don't have a place where you can actually "contain" them.

Food business owners may see it as an additional overhead expense but if you think about it, it would be good to invest on getting high-chair because it actually shows that you're place is suitable for families which I believe generate bigger income because they order more, right?

Call me choosy, but starting today I'll be asking first if they do have a high-chair before dining in a specific restaurant/food chain. It's my way of saying: YES, mommies NEED high-chair! Give us a break for crying out loud.

The master rapper...signing off

It was weird in a sense because I really shrieked having heard that Francis Magalona (+) already passed away. After the long battle, his body already gave in from the tedious chemo that he has undergone.

Maybe it was the fact that among all the rappers, he is really the finest of them all. I loved how meaningful his works were. The melodies are esy to remember while the lyrics, more often than not, are socially relevant.

He's got more than just talent. He's got passion for his craft that is reflected in the way we performs. Can you imagine how articulate he is? How you can actually understand the lyrics of the song inspite how fast he is saying it?

Hmmm....there will never be a replacement for Francis M. The Francism he has shared to the Filipinos will surely be remembered. I for sure will never forget him because he's got the same birthday as our son.
"Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world"
Francis M. (1964-2009)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last week, Zye had the colds and cough (slightly bordering to asthma). After recovering, hubby had some rashes, slight fever and colds. Now, I'm having my share of the virus, getting a little headache from the runny nose.


Of course, I'm hoping I'd be better before the week ends.


I want this. My taste buds are longing for these sweet little bite sized chocolate covered vanila ice cream. Either this or Mom and Tina's Dark Toblerone Torte Cup. Hmmm.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Love Ya Award

This one is long overdue and most people are probably done with this. If you happen to pass by here, you're free to snag this one.

Thanks to Issa for this award. And for passing by every now and then as well :)

These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who can choose eight more and include this text into the body of their award.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping anyone?

In this day and age of crisis, there is only one solution:

Buy and Sell.

As most of my fellow n@wie moms have adviced me, it's time that I make some money by selling stuff that is within my means and reach. So I am officially inviting everyone to visit our store (that is finally getting somewhere!) It would be nice too if you can leave a comment or add me up as one of your contacts.

Thank God for bright ideas and the good people that are ready share such.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super ME wannabe

What happens to a woman who is a mom of a 1-year 4-months old active boy, a wife, an employee, a blogger, a youth coordinator and a church's scribe who is all of a sudden left by the helper whom she thought was still on the same track as she is?
As if I hit my head on a concrete wall and I didn't even saw it coming.

So this is me and my plight to finding another job that would actually work out even if I get a new helper. All of a sudden reality gushed and I am faced with choices that I don't even want to choose. But for the love of my family, there is nothing I won't do. Make that, there is nothing I can't do. I wouldn't even know how in the world I get to juggle everything else that's happening and still manage to keep my sanity. Most of the times I'm just happy that I still get to sleep soundly (maybe because I'm soooo tired...harhar!) and not worry about what's to come the next day.

I'm no super woman.....because I am Batgirl!
And yes...I married Mr. Perfect.

I thought it was Halloween!

Who says its got to be November just to be in a costume?
Trick or Treat? Nah! I'd say it's just mere FUN!

Zye and the Bee

This is Zye's very first encounter with the one and only bee that dances well.

It was also the first ever birthday party wherein Zye actually ran around, wanting to get all the balloons that his hands can grab. Shouting and dancing. Fishing for more fries, ice cream and spaghetti. He was so happy because there are a lot of kids and he just wanted to play with every one of them. It was such a classic moment when Jollibee arrived at the scene. Hubby and I was really excited to see how Zye would react -- will he cry, will he be entertained? We went near the bee and to my surprise Zye was quite amused with Jollibee. Maybe because of the size, or the color perhaps, or probably just fascinated with what Jollibee was. A few moments when Jollibee was already moving too much, Zye's amusement was slowly turned to fear. I think it was the big eyes that got into him that made him change his mind about liking the big, dancing bee.
Oh well, I'm just glad that he enjoyed the party. He was, after all, batman for a day! =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(Not) Growing up.

It's great not having to buy new clothes all the time. First, it saves you a lot of money and second, you know that you don't need to diet. But sometimes there's this "horrific" feeling when you realize that this (or these) clothing have been with since birth (exaggerating here of course).

Welcome to my world. Yes, I have had shirts, shorts, dresses, pants even, that I've had since college (some even highschool...I know...Gosh, right?) that still fits me perfectly to this day. I did get rid of them if only to put away the thought that I never really grew ever since I can remember. That and of course, the weird feeling that people who knew me then might still recognize my clothes. Now that can be called deja vu! Harhar.

Hmm, it's like the curious case of Benjamin Button. In my case, not-so-curious case. It's so obvious that I never really gained weight or added inches to my height but it feels like I'm not really getting old so if only for that, I'm happy with the way I turned out to be.

Finally...tooting again!

I can't pass this opportunity not to TOOT!

I am one happy mommy as our son is once again in tip-top shape! Yesterday morning at around 5 A.M. I noticed that he had a fever. He wasn't able to sleep well probably irritable and I had to really take care of him and make sure his fever doesn't shoot up. It would go down every once in awhile after his drops of paracetamol but it was so evident that he was not feeling well because he didn't want me to leave his side.

After 24-hours of regular 4-hr interval paracetamol drops and the constant sponge bath, he is now back to his active self, shouting, dancing and wanting to play with my laptop once again. So there, it's more than this world to have this toot most especially since it's our son's health that we're talking about.

Have a great Tuesday mommies!

On the day of hearts

My husband and I don't really make a big deal out of Valentines Day. We actually find it funny when people go rushing for flowers and chocolates and fighting over the best seat in restaurants just to please their loved one. For us, you can always show your love any time of the day, it is not even needed to declare one day just to be called a day of love.

The other day I was browsing on the net and looking for a gift for my hubby. Yes, it might coincide with the day of hearts but I really want to buy a new set of his and hers watches. We bought one two years ago after we got married and I'm thinking of buying a new set as a late Anniversary Present.

Unfortunately, my eyes are not liking some of the his and hers style available but I've got my heart set on this really nice fossil watch which I think my husband would really love. Of course I can always go buy new wedding rings (we've got two by the way, one two-toned and one silver and this white gold that I saw will be a great addition to our collection) which he will surely like too.

So many things in my shopping list now! But I need to focus first on our post-anniversary gift before my budget runs out. He'll be even more surprised if he receives it this Valentine's Day. I can just imagine the surprised look in his face. He'll be ecstatic!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Year that was

Kinda late to be reminiscing about my 2008, huh? Well, pardon me for that. I haven't been in my best writing mood ever due to fatigue and time constraint. But I have got lots of time in my hand now and I wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to look back with what has happened last year.

Of course, we are talking about big events here. Topping my list was my resignation last February. It was a decision meant for our son who was a premature baby and I just can't help but think of him whenever I am at work. Since hubby has a good compensation (and some commissions as well) we decided that it will be okay if I stop working and concentrate on becoming a full time mommy and wife.

The months of April and May were quite busy. We were the program coordinators for the anniversary/youth camp of our church and the preparations indeed needed hard work because the event was held in Mindoro. Imagine figuring out the food, accomodation, seminar outlines and materials for 200 people? Whew!Really exhausting but truly worth all the sweat.

June was quite a good kick off for my blogs. Turned out as well that being a full time mom, wife, side blogger, church scribe and youth coordinator was still hard work. I wanted to juggle starting a small business but I would have been insane to do so.
Time really breezes through because October came and it dawned that soon we will be having a toddler as our son, Zye, turned one. We didn't have a big celebration. A bowling game and an intimate family dinner to celebrate the great blessing of having a healthy baby boy in the family.

October was also the month when I decided to go back to work. Having been given an opportunity, I grabbed it with the intention of helping my husband with the finances. Life was getting tough, expenses were sky rocketting, my additional income was no longer enough and I had to do my share in this matter.

The holiday seasons simply passed by with the Christmas Season spent with the Driz family and the second half of the long break with the Donor family. After that, it's hello to the year 2009.

What am I expecting for 2009?
My miracle. My great, big miracle.



In God's perfect time....
this 2009.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fab Award

Thanks Tna for telling me that my blog is fabulous!

Let me see, together with this award, I'd have to list down 5 of my addictions.

Yikes! Let me see if I can narrow it down to just five:

Just the mere thought of it makes want to have one now.I think our son actually got my addiction to ice cream while my husband is (I think) starting to get addicted as well. (READ: Espresso Brownie Blizzard by DQ)

Yes. I can eat sinigang 24 by 7.

I believe it's more than an addiction. It's a passion. I actually dream of publishing my collection of poems, essays and short stories.

I love pictures. I certainly believe that picture do paint a thousand words. I'd choose picture over videos anytime.

It's my addiction particularly because I have a gift when it comes to memorizing lyrics and remembering tunes. If I may add my addiction to SIDE A (still have a ticket of their first big concert at Payanig sa Pasig way back 1992!) as well.

I'm passing this to other fabulous bloggers: Irmee, Pat, and Rocks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy face=funny face

Happy birthday Tita! Zye greets my sister a with this funny face. I guess he thought it was a wacky shot. Haarhar. Missing Dadus during this day (February 2) It was his special day as well. Love you both!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yes!This is how I would like to define a fresh start. This (I think) is much better than my first layout. (I hope you guys are agreeing)

My husband says it should no longer be a brewery hehehe...that's why I still had to place my logo. I'm still looking of how to make it more of a brewery though. Any suggestions?

Head hurts now. Have to sleep early...I'm still not yet fully recovered.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The new us!

It's kinda late as a new year thing but this is what I've been wanting to have: a new look for our blog! Yes even the title is new (sort of) because I wanted it to really reflect our family.

What do you guys think of it? I almost ruined the whole thing trying on so many templates but finally I was able to find one that hubby and I liked.

Hay. This is what happens when I get to be at home. I hope it was worth letting go of the old one.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nothing in between

4 years of bliss + 2 years of blessings
No room for trouble here.


Trying on his daddy's shades....with pursed lips!

Facts of life

Mommyhood + wifey moments + work = no more blogging time

Well, that's the story of this blog right now. *Sigh* Inspite of the vow I made to myself (to still continue writing) reality bites that I'd really have to doule my efforts to be able to make time for my blog. A little help from hubby would have gone a long way but sometimes he's just too tired as well to keep up with our son.

Thank God because I finally found a solution to it. Of course, it will take quite some time to be in such a new routine but at least I'm happy that I'd be one with my blog again.

For now, I need to update myself with what's happening in the blogosphere. Wait for my blog hop soon! =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing Award

Rocks, I really, really appreciate this award. More than this, I really am grateful for your constant visit. Thankyou. I want you to know that you're included in my amazing blogger list as well :)

This has been long overdue so it might have been passed by to most of the people in my list. But a special mention goes out to ALL THE BLOGGING MOMMIES in my blogroll (una na ang n@wies sa list na yun!) Being a mom is already an amazing task to handle, writing about it can even be more challenging.



Yes. We still exist. I exist.
This blog is still....operational.

Yes, it is quite hard to juggle work, blogging, motherhood and church ministry all at the same time. Somewhere along the way, something will be sacrificed. In my case, my sacrificial lambs were my blogs =(

Not that I regret prioritizing motherhood over blogging, it's just that this is something that really makes me feel good. Good thing that somehow I find ways to still write -- with a pen and paper though.

So I do owe a lot of people (visits, tags, awards etc.) and I have already made a schedule (even made my husband promise that he'll have to help me keep my schedule hahaha) of my blogging. In the soonest possible time I will be able to read other's adventures again and of course tell the world of our own adventures.

For now, this update will have to do.