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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Facts of life

Mommyhood + wifey moments + work = no more blogging time

Well, that's the story of this blog right now. *Sigh* Inspite of the vow I made to myself (to still continue writing) reality bites that I'd really have to doule my efforts to be able to make time for my blog. A little help from hubby would have gone a long way but sometimes he's just too tired as well to keep up with our son.

Thank God because I finally found a solution to it. Of course, it will take quite some time to be in such a new routine but at least I'm happy that I'd be one with my blog again.

For now, I need to update myself with what's happening in the blogosphere. Wait for my blog hop soon! =)

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admin said...

hi there Jown..that's life. But i hope u can make a side trip through my blogs whenever you can..thanks ahead and have a great day!