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Friends who crossed the line of friendship to discover that we can love more than we thought we can. Brought together by God and have discovered along the way that there is a deeper reason why we are together. Our mission is not to be done individually,but together. This site contains our past and our journey to the future..a sharing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears -- all about our adventures in life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Angel has come...

My September ended with a scare while my October started with a miracle.
My due date was suppose to be November 29, 2007. Our little angel was born October 4, 207. How did that happen? I'll tell about it on my next post. Right now, I'm just happy to share our baby's pictures. He is indeed a miracle..having been born while he was just on his 31st week..thank you God for keeping us safe and healthy.


Monday, September 17, 2007

The face of an angel

I am so........happy!!!!

My OB wanted me to get a fetal survey to check on the baby. Shempre, kami naman ni hubby excited. We wanted to go for the 3d/4d thingie kasi gusto namin makita kung sino kamukha ng baby namin. Yesterday we got a glimpse of how our baby boy looks like. Ang bait ng anak namin! He was so cooperative at hindi nahirapan yung sonologist sa pag capture ng face profile niya. Here are some of his pictures. First picture is our baby boy at 17 weeks. He's still skinny during that time. The next picture were taken yesterday, Zye is already on his 29th week and looking good.

It's amazing what technology can do. Now we can actually visualize Zye kahit di pa siya lumalabas. Sobrang excited na lalo kami. We're not sure kung sino kamukha niya pero for sure his lips (ang haba ng nguso!!!!) are from me. That's how my lips looked like when I was still a baby.

By November, hopefully we'll have another view of our baby...maybe by this time he'll do other tricks for us as well...hehehe..We love you Zye!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jing as a celebrity

Eto daw ang mga kamukha kong artista...
wag ka na humirit...
get your own na lang :P

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Never alone

One of the kids from church sang this last Sunday and although I knew this song before, it was only then that I felt so blessed with its message. For all that has happened, is happening and will happen...God allows it because He loves us. His ways, though hard to understand by the human mind, is far more better than our ways. The best of this is that He never actually lets us go through it all alone. Remember, during the toughest times of our lives,
there was only one set of footprints....
because He was carrying us in His arms.
You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
over me with Your hand
And lead me in Your righteousness
And I look to You
And I wait on You
I will sing to You, Lord
A hymn of love
For Your faithfulness to me
I'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me go
Through it all

Monday, July 23, 2007

Zye's schedule

I have observed for the past few weeks that our baby, Zye, has developed his routine. He is usually up and kicking between 2:30 to 4:00 PM and 10:30 PM to 12:00 AM. Unless I ate something really sweet (which by some reason always wakes him up), those are the hours that he is active and really giving a strong thug in my tummy. Yesterday, I have concluded that
our baby will be a food lover as well because he kicks everytime I click on the stove to cook food. I bet he knows mommy is going to eat that's why he makes his presence felt.

Dong loves it. He waits until he feels Zye just to talk to him and give him his kisses.

How lovely it is to have your man kissing your tummy. Makes pregnancy a piece of cake.


This is my life now

So many things have changed..well, that's as far as my life is concerned.Of course, alam ko naman na marami ang magbabago sa buhay ko especially after getting married. It just surprises me because the changes are slowlytaking place -- as if nagiging part na ng pagkatao mo and you never even thoughtit's gonna happen so soon.

Having said that, here is my "change list". I am documenting this for souvenir purposes..hehehe.

1. Waking (and getting up) at 7 AM.

I am not a morning person -- believe me. I love sleeping (who doesn't) but amazingly, the idea of making sure that Dong doesn't oversleep becomes more important than my sleeping habits. Minsan, kahit gusto ko pang matulog, kusang bumubukas ang mata ko para tingnan kung anong oras na.

2. Breakfast habits.

As much as possible, I try to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast for my hubby. Kaya lang, when I got pregnant, he doesn't want me waking up early just to cook for him kasi gusto niya makatulog ako ng mas mahaba. So usually, I make an effort to prepare breakfast na lang every weekend. I let him sleep longer para naman makabawi siya ng tulog and wake him up with a nice breakfast all set up for him. I'm beginning to feel the importance of my mom's breakfast rituals -- it's actually good waking up in the morning and having something prepared for you. It makes you feel you are up to any challenge that the day may bring.

3. Saving is earning more.

For the month of July, we "officially" lived as a couple. Bago kasi nagawa yung house ng parents ko sa Cavite, kasama pa namin ang mom ko sa bahay. In short, libre ang pagtira namin because we don't pay the bills and stuff. Ngayong month na ito, my parents moved in sa house nila Cavite at mararanasan na namin ang pag-iisip kung saan kukuha ng pambayad sa bills.... hehe.

Meralco, Pldt, cable, credit cards, insurance, association dues...and the list goes on. Minsan, pakiramdam ko ayoko na buksan yung envelope at baka maloka ako sa amount na makikita ko. But God is good. Binigyan niya kaming asawa ng wisdom to deal with such things and an understanding heart to always see the better side of life. Wala kaming sideline ngayon ni hubby. Pero nalaman namin na kung magtitipid kami sa expenses, para na rin kaming kumita ng extra income. So starting last week, we embraced public transportation and enjoyed the adventures of commuting. Aba, mahal ng gasolina ha! Matic pa man din si batchoy!!!

4. A wife and a mother.

21 weeks in my pregnancy and I am trying my best how to be both a wife and a mom at the same time. Some people think that after giving birth, you are first a mom before you are a wife. I say you are both. Hindi dahil may anak ka na ay mababawasan na ang responsibility mo as a wife. Being a mom doesn't excuse you from your role as a wife. Remember that you were a wife first before you bacame a mom. Both are as important kaya hindi mo pwedeng sabihing mas una ang anak niyo kesa kay hubby or mas una si hubby kesa sa anak niyo. Of course, it all comes with a good communication line with your husband. The best thing is to share the responsibilities as parents para kayong dalawa hindi rin na-dedeprive sa isa't isa. I am not yet in that stage pero ngayon pa lang ay pinaguusapan na namin ni hubby ang mga bagay na ito to make sure na both the child and the father are taken care of by the mom.

5. Working doesn't mean the house can't be clean.

Mahirap maging working wife. Pero I'm sure mas mahirap maging working mom. Isa sa mga bagay na napansin ko is that I barely have time to actually clean the house before leaving home. Minsan pag late pa nakabangon, I don't even have time to fix the bed. DOng understands it naman. Pero shempre, having been so used to a spic and span home (plain housewife kasi ang mom ko) parang di ko matiis na dadating kami tapos ganun ang itsura ng house namin. Kaya ngayon, clean as you go ang moto. Pag weekdays, hindi naman kailangan na super lines. Basta maayos ang house okay na. Come Saturday, it's cleaning time...para naman maganda ambiance ng bahay at ma-enjoy ni Dong ang relaxing mood ng house for the weekend.

Those are my top 5 changes to begin with. Alam ko mas madami pa ang dadating lalo na pagkasama na namin ang aming baby. Nothing is permanent in this world but change. I agree. And what do I have to say about the changes I've gone through? They are all good.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life Lessons

Have you heard of the book, “Everything I need know, I learned in Kindergarten”? If you’ve read it, I’m sure you will agree with the title. If you haven’t, then I am sharing with you some of those lessons that the author is talking about in his book. If you have time, read this book. It’s a good way of putting you back on good ground.


1. Share everything.
2. Play fair.
3. Don't hit people.
4. Put things back where you found them.
5. Clean up your own mess.
6. Don't take things that aren't yours.
7. Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
8. Wash your hands before you eat.
9. Flush.
10. Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
11. Live a balanced life.
12. Learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.
13. Take a nap every afternoon.
14. When you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands and stick together.
15. Be aware of wonder.
16. Remember the little seed in the plastic cup? The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the plastic cup -- they all die. So do we.
~ Robert Fulghum ~


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My 4th of July guy

Today is Dong's birthday. And for this special day...I made him one of my specialties...
a poem

Your nearness
erases the imperfections in me
elevates the goodness of my soul
Your smile embraces my fears
rescues the strength that is left
Your love creates a perfect world that binds us
allowing each moment to be magical
that in between distances
there is no space
where we have one other
in each others arms
I love you dhe....
Thank God it was you whom I will be spending my forever with.
Happy birthday!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ultrasound Sunday

Even before getting married, Dong and I already have a list of names to choose from once we have our baby. Among the names are Zeth, Shayne, Vaughn and the most recent name we got was Zye. We thought that Shayne and Zye are unisex names, while the other two from the list are more likely for a boy.

Dong wanted a baby boy. I just wanted a normal , healthy baby. But during my second month of pregnancy, I woke up one day wanting a baby boy. I didn't know why..I just felt I wanted one as my first born.

Last Sunday, the gender issue of our baby has been resolved. After having to wait for almost an hour, Zye's gender was finally revealed. Thank God because Dra. Granada, the OB on duty at In my womb, was so patient. Zye was so asleep and wasn't cooperating at all. 45 minutes passed and Zye's legs were still not apart, it was hopeless to identify the gender. We were asked to eat first and go for a little walk and to return after 30 minutes so that Zye will be up and kicking when we get back.

After a triple decker sandwich, cookies and cream frappe and a bottle of water...Zye's legs kicked hard and were finally spread wide. And there it was, in between our baby's legs...the answer to the question: WE ARE HAVING A BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Beats and pieces

I never thought that hearing a heartbeat can bring shivers to my spine.

But it did.

For one brief moment during my check-up last May 12,

Dong and I heard our baby's heartbeat.
It was one of those priceless moments.


Our life will never be the same --

And we are happy about that.

Friday, April 27, 2007

God's gift is here

The Beginnings of a Pregnant Woman's Diary

DATE OF ENTRY: March 28, 2007:

Yesterday, I thought of buying a pregnancy kit because I was three days delayed and something in me felt as if I was already on my way. I did not tell my husband I bought the kit because of two things: 1. I did not want him to feel sad if the test was negative 2. I wanted to surprise him if it was positive.

The next day, March 28, 2007, I did not come to work early as I normally did. When I woke up, I immediately went to the bathroom to catch my first morning urine so that I would be able to do the pregnancy test.

This was my second encounter with a stick (or the pregnancy test kit). The first time was the month after our honeymoon in which it tested to be negative. It was a weird feeling having to wait for a second line to appear. It was almost like waiting for an examination result.

After placing three drops of my urine sample, I waited. This time even while waiting a second line was already appearing together with the strip in the control window. It was faint so I did not conclude yet. But my hopes were up. I may be pregnant.

Fifteen seconds after, it was evident. Two strips!!!!I AM PREGNANT!!! I was so happy I was almost in the brink of shedding a few tears. It's already time. We will soon be parents.
I called up Dingdong. I told him I was still at home and was not yet getting ready to go to work. He said "Goodluck, what time will you get there?" And I told him, "Well, that's just how it is when your pregnant"And he thought I was kidding him. I told him that I bought a pregnancy kit and that it tested positive. As if suddenly being on his right mind he said, "Go to the hospital" I was like "Right Now?" Oh yes, he didn't want me to go to work anymore. He just wanted me to have a check up and make sure everything was fine.

After telling my husband I was pregnant, I told the whole world. It was an amazing feeling. I can't even feel the baby yet but the feeling was already overwhelming. It's so great to have been blessed this way. A great husband, a supportive family, a lovely baby coming...

And I could not ask for more.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Honeymoon Destination: BOHOL

We had a great wedding. An almost perfect one. But what we were more excited about was our honeymoon trip (of course it's about the trip...harhar) to Bohol. We left for Bohol January 3, 2007. It was a one hour plane ride from Manila to Tagbilaran. From Tagbilaran, we were fetched by the travel agency that booked our accomodation. It was weird at first to have been treated as equally as foreigners were treated but in the end we did appreciate it knowing that we were not treated as second class citizens in our own country.

Our destination was Bohol Diver's Resort, Panglao Island. (We are not divers, if you should ask) It was a bit disappointing since it was raining hard when we arrived in Bohol and we were wondering how we were gonna see the hills of Carmen of our day tour the next day. Oh well, let's leave it all up to the Mighty One. A prayer may be just what we needed. We were blessed because at around 5 P.M. the rain stopped and we were able to walk by the shore and enjoy the long beach front of Panglao.
The next day, at 8 AM while waiting for our tour guide, Bohol was still covered with rain. Heartbreaking but our hopes were still up. We wanted to enjoy our stay. It was all a state of mind. Blessed yet again, because every stop that we made, there was no rain. So we had our pictures taken at the famous sites and yes we were able to have a picture with the famous chocolate hills as our background.

The Loboc-Loay river cruise was nice. It creates a romantic atmosphere between lovers and a friendly atmosphere among tourists cruising together. It allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the sound of water is so relaxing that you can actually say to yourself, "This is life".

After the cruise we went to see the famous tarsiers. They were the smallest things ever. As small as a fist but with a tail that ranges 5-6 inches. (Their tail actually balances them). They have really big eyes that you can't use you camera flash whenever you take their pictures because it can actually blind them.

The Bohol Trip was another wonderful experience for us. It was our first adventure as an official Mr. and Mrs. Next plan? Either a Davao or a Palawan Trip...whichever suits our budget.

Biyahe na!

I DID (as posted in Frappucino Jown)

A year ago...getting married was just an idea. It was like agreeing on a plan for the future. Not knowing how it's gonna be, when, where. We started looking for places, gown details, souvenirs, flowers… the likes. We attended bridal fairs gathering all the brochures that our hands can hold on to.

We'd stay up late at night, planning how many guests we’re going to have, who will be our entourage, how much should we spend. There were times when the preparations would seem too complicated that we would end up arguing and then just giving up to the thought of having a civil wedding. Unexpectedly, the plans for a civil wedding became blurred and we decided to just have one that will not cost too much, but good enough to make it a memorable event.
The place was set, the date and time all sorted out. Things are getting clear. October of 2006, we were almost done with the preparations. But then again…so many problems came our way – the barong, the gowns, the photos – it was like getting caught in a twister that you didn’t even see coming. But God is good. The twister just passed us by. The skies turned blue shortly after awhile.
And so the most awaited day has come. December 29, 2006. I started early with the preparations, together with the moms and the entourage. During this time, the clouds were dark and giving the grass some sprinkling. We were having a garden wedding. Was I worried? No. God works miracles. He can stop the rain anytime soon.

Fifteen minutes before the ceremony starts…guests on their seats, I was in the car. I can see from afar my handsome groom as he greets relatives and friends. The wind was getting strong. God answers prayers. He heard our requests. He asked the wind to whisper its breeze. And the entourage march started.

My groom now awaits me. The car made a complete stop at the archway entrance covered with lovely white calla lilies. It’s my turn. All eyes set on me. The music started to play. I went out of the car and stood under my floral door. The feeling was intense. My heart was pounding with excitement. My brain was telling me to smile and look at my groom. My emotions told me otherwise. I wanted to cry as I look back at all the sleepless nights, the conflicts, the headaches, the love and the promise of forever.

How can a wedding contain such emotions? I don’t know. But it’s like in one brief moment, your life flashes back in front of your eyes -- as your parents wait for you, as they give you to the that man you chose to spend the rest of your life with – like a dream that’s just so real. As I reach out for my groom’s hands, as he takes me from my parents, I realized that we have both decided to end romance.

Yes, we did. We ended it only because we have decided to start on a journey much better than romance. We started our journey with love. Pure, unconditional, no-holds bar...love.

So does this mean that no more “kilig” moments to look forward to? Of course not. Replacing romance with pure love only meant that during stormy days, you will still smile. Amidst your struggles, you will always be comforted by loving arms. Romance may not always arise during the most difficult times while love overcomes any circumstances.

Officially married.
Officially Loved.

Back Track Still...

2006 is truly one of the happiest year in our lives. By the end of this year, we will be starting a new chapter in our life. A new journey to begin. December 29, 2006...we will be officially Mr. and Mrs. Driz.

Wow! Somehow it seemed as if it was just yesterday.

Just want to share a glimpse of our pre-nup at MMLDC. Pre-nups, we believe, reminisces much of your love for each other. It's like falling in love again.

This is the last time I'll fall in love. :)


Kakaiba ito.

Sa "blog" ko na ito, hindi ako mag-iingles.Bakit? Gusto ko lang. May aangal ba?

Sa wakas! Natapos din ang paglalahad ko ng mga pangyayari sa aming buhay simula 2002 hanggang 2005. Nakarating din sa mga kwento ng 2006. Ito angisa sa pinakamasayang taon namin. Ito rin ang taon na kami ay nakapagbakasyon sa Ilocos. Ilang beses na ako nakarating ng Ilocos Norte. Dito kasi nakatiraand kapatid ng aking butihing ina ngunit ito ang unang punta ko kasama si Dingdong at ang pamilya niya.

Semana Santa ng 2006 noong kami ay nagpunta ng Ilocos. Mahabang bakasyon ang Ilocos trip na ito. Halos 5 days. Unang sinadya namin ang lugar ng Pagudpod. Mabuti na lang at hindi pa punuan nung araw na dumating kami doon. Mapalad kaming nakakuha ng matutuluyang malapit sa Pagudpod white beach. Swerte rin dahil may aircon ang kwarto at may common kitchen.
Maganda ang tubig ng Pagudpod. Noong una akong nakarating dito, pakiramdam ko halos nasa Boracay na rin ata ako. Nagbabad kami sa tubig dahil wala pa mashadong tao at nang gumabi na, sinamantala naman namin ang liwanag ng bilog na bilog na buwan. Doon na rin kami sa resort naghapunan.
Matapos ang tatlong araw sa pagudpod, kami ay tumungo sa aking tiyuhin sa Sarrat, Ilocos Norte.Doon naman dinako namin ang kinaaaliwan naming ilog. Hindi ko maalala ang pangalan ng ilog na ito.Basta alam ko, tuwing pumupunta kami sa aking mga kamag-anak, dito kami madalas magpalipasng init ng panahon. Overnight lang kami sa Sarrat. Kinabukasan, kami naman ay pumunta na ng Vigan.

Eto ang pinakahihintay ko na lugar. Sa dami ng beses ko nang nagbakasyon ng Ilocos Norte, hindi pa ako ni minsan nakabisita sa Vigan. At hindi naman ako nabigo dahil nakakatuwang pagmasdan ang mga lumang bahay at gusali ng Vigan. Nagpunta rin nga pala kami sa Baluarte ni Chavit Singson kung saan nakahawak ako ng ahas. (Si Dong binuhat pa!)

Sarap talaga magbakasyon..lalo na pag kasama mo yung taong mahal mo. (Naks naman!)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Denjing: Chapter Three

We celebrate anniversaries -- even in the simplest way possible. Sometimes, when time (and money) permits,we also celebrate monthsaries. It's just a nice way of reminiscing the good and bad times we have shared. December 17, 2005 was no exception at all. It was our Third Year as BF/GF and we won't let the day pass without some sort of "festivity".
For a taste of something new, we went to Gateway Mall. It wasn't as we expected it to be but it was quite fun because they had set up this miniature community where a train runs around. We were to try the watching a movie at the Globe Platinum Cinema and experience the cinema's comfy lazy boy seats but it turned out that they had only a few viewing time so we needed to re-schedule it. We settled to watching a movie in their regular cinema instead.
A celebrations will not be complete without food. And for our third anniversary, we chose to have a sumptuous meal at Burgoo. The best part of being at Burgoo is the coloring of your table's paper cover while waiting for your food.
Three years of blessing. Three years of a relationship that had us enjoying every moment that life offers. Cant' wait for the real thing.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

We were there!!!

Unofficially, I think this is the new summer capital of the country.No offense to nice, old Baguio of course. It's just that as of the moment, peopleare simply dying to be on the white sands of this island. Let alone, this isnow the one place to be come summer time. Where else? Bora! Bora! BORACAY!

During the time (that was way back then) that I have heard of Boracay, I was intrigued. But not to the point of actuallywanting to be there. As the years passed by, my imagination of how it is to be in Boracay caught up with me. I began to feel that a trip to Bora is one of my life long dream.

So April of 2005, my family and I planned out a trip to the island of Boracay. We got the Starlite Ferries promo for our transpo which was via land and RORO (roll-on/roll-off ship). We left Batangas Pier at around 7PM of May 4, 2005 and 9 AM the next day, we were already walking along the shores of Boracay.

So what was it like? Spectacular. I mean who could forget the super fine sand and the clearinviting water. During the time we got there, the Nestea Beach Volleyball finals was on-going simultaneous with the dragonboat rowing Finals. The island was full of festivities that sometimes you tend to forget that you were there to enjoy the summer waves of the island.

We allocated only one day for swimming. The rest of our time was spent strolling from station to station, watchingthe activities, getting henna tatoo, star gazing, and taking pictures just about anywhere. Of course, we did not forget to catch the sunset to have it as our background in one of our snapshots.

Boracay, in a nutshell, is not just a great beach location. It's an experience.

What we do defines who we are

If I was asked what's my purpose in life, this would be one of many.Last May 2005, Dingdong, Kuya Jon and I pushed through with one of our biggest projects ever:S.Y.S.T.E.M - Serving Youth of S.T.E.M.
We conceptualized the group because of the need to take care of the growing number of young peoplein church. We were not dreaming for something big. We just wanted the teens and young adults of the church to find comfort and love within the church and to guide them in finding the ministry in whichthey would want to be a part of.

We kicked off with a team building activity at Serene Resort in Antipolo. Nothing fancy. We just preparedactivities to officially tie the bond of this group. There were no formal talk or seminar, just a reiteration of the fact that we have been called to serve in our own little way.
Thank God because we are growing -- slowly but surely. We will be celebrating our second year anniversarythis May. To God be the glory!