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Thursday, March 29, 2007

We were there!!!

Unofficially, I think this is the new summer capital of the country.No offense to nice, old Baguio of course. It's just that as of the moment, peopleare simply dying to be on the white sands of this island. Let alone, this isnow the one place to be come summer time. Where else? Bora! Bora! BORACAY!

During the time (that was way back then) that I have heard of Boracay, I was intrigued. But not to the point of actuallywanting to be there. As the years passed by, my imagination of how it is to be in Boracay caught up with me. I began to feel that a trip to Bora is one of my life long dream.

So April of 2005, my family and I planned out a trip to the island of Boracay. We got the Starlite Ferries promo for our transpo which was via land and RORO (roll-on/roll-off ship). We left Batangas Pier at around 7PM of May 4, 2005 and 9 AM the next day, we were already walking along the shores of Boracay.

So what was it like? Spectacular. I mean who could forget the super fine sand and the clearinviting water. During the time we got there, the Nestea Beach Volleyball finals was on-going simultaneous with the dragonboat rowing Finals. The island was full of festivities that sometimes you tend to forget that you were there to enjoy the summer waves of the island.

We allocated only one day for swimming. The rest of our time was spent strolling from station to station, watchingthe activities, getting henna tatoo, star gazing, and taking pictures just about anywhere. Of course, we did not forget to catch the sunset to have it as our background in one of our snapshots.

Boracay, in a nutshell, is not just a great beach location. It's an experience.

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