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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kapitolyo Food Hub Experience #2: Sa Kanto lang po!

After a 2-hour swim, hunger is but expected. And since we did not want to spend too much on food, we scouted for a food joint near Ace Water Spa that would fit the budget and feed the hungry tummies of the Drizlers

We saw Kanto Freestyle at 1st Street in Kapitolyo. Their menu is actually an all-day breakfast. A little pricey if you are to compare it to the usual tapsihan sa kanto but this is simply because theirs is an affordable gourmet breakfast. Having that in mind, you would know that their prices are indeed affordable

I ordered bacon and eggs, hubby got the beef tapa while our eldest ordered their cheese omelette. Their plating was unexpectedly nice which suddenly explains the price. Their tapa was good but I am not sure if this is a signature dish (kanto recipe) since there was none noted in the menu. Our eldest loved his cheese omelette and requested me to make one at home. Breakfast set menu comes with 2 eggs cooked the way you want them.

Over-all experience was good. Service was fast, crew was friendly, price is okay (for the gourmet that it is). Will we eat there again? Yes because we are suckers for breakfast food. Nothing fancy, nothing exceptional, just good ol'  homecooked breakfast  -- gourmet style

Kanto FreeStyle
1st Street Brgy Kapitolyo
Pasig City

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Huh? Where?

Cafe Huh?
Cafe What? Huh?
No question mark.

It is Cafe Huh. A small restobar tucked in Home Depot Ortigas. Along a strip of restobar near Jayjay's you will find a small, not too loud joint that serves good food and acoustic music.

Cheesy Nachos
Spicy wings
Wall signed by guests and featured artists

Food selection was quite usual -- sisig, nachos, onion rings, fries, chips. Food prices range from Php120 to around Php250 with servings good for 2-3 pax. We got their pork sisig, buffalo wings and nachos. They serve beer buckets at around Php250 for the premium flavored ones while cocktails are at Php120. (Sorry, was not able to take a picture of the menu)

Their sisig was nothing spectacular. Nachos where smothered with cheese to our liking while the buffalo wings tasted great which was a good thing since the size was more of a chicken lollipop.

Acoustic set started at around 930pm. Song selection was good and again not too loud allowing good conversations to take place.

If you are looking for a place in Ortigas that sets a good mood for dinner and a few drinks to cap off the night, then Cafe Huh is a place for you.

Cafe Huh
Home Depot Ortigas

Friday, July 11, 2014

Kapitolyo Food Hub Experience #1: Bulled away!

Because my lunch wasn't enticing at all, I had to ask my hubby to go out for dinner and look for good food. So last June 24, we went to Kapitolyo Pasig and searched for BullChef as recommended to us by a friend.

The food joint's specialty is bulalo. Thus the one cooking their dishes is called the Bulalo Chef paving way as well to the name of the place which is BullChef.

We ordered their bulalo sinigang meal which was good for 2 pax already, rice included. When you get this set, additional rice is free of charge. We also got the ala carte Bulalo Sisig.

For someone like me who can eat sinigang almost on a daily basis, their sinigang was to die for. I think the word "asim" is an understatement for this dish. Even my hubby (who is not at all a sinigang lover) raised his hands up and surrendered to the dish completely.

The sisig was also good. At first we thought it was a let down because it wasn't sizzling as much when it was served. But it got a high score to our sisig loving taste buds so we were happy with the dish as well.

With the BullChef - Chef Jeremiah Mateo

To top the experience, we had the opportunity to meet, greet and have our picture taken with the BullChef himself! Such a warm person too which I guess is also an ingredient as to why the food is pleasantly good.

So what's the verdict? We ended the night shouting "BullChef!"

The Bulalo Chef
#4 East Capitol Drive
Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig

When spa meets water and aces it

The family goal last water was to teach our son how to swim. Our preference was to have him to his swim lessons at Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo as we have had a good experience there. Mission accomplished because within 5 Saturdays (spending around 2hours in the pool each Saturday) our son already knew how to swim and float. Big thanks to my hubby who patiently taught our son.

The thing is, I haven't shared our experience with Ace Water Spa. We have already experience staying in their hotel, been to the water spa for so many times and have already applied for a membership card and yet haven't written a single thing about our Ace Hotel Suite and Water Spa adventure.

Let me start with our Ace Hotel Suite experience. We stayed at their hotel during Holy Week of 2013 so checking-in was a little slow since there were a lot of guests during that time. Welcome drinks are being served to hotel guests ( a choice of iced tea or lemonade) so it somehow helps in making the guest comfortable even if there is a line at the hotel's front desk. The waiting time to check-in was longer than the actual check-in process especially if your booking was done online.

We got the deluxe suite that had 2 double beds. Since the hotel was barely a year old, the room was spic and span. We had a complimentary bottle of wine as well as water, coffee and tea. The bathroom had the usual complimentary toiletries for guests as well as towels and a hair dryer. The room had a desk as well for those who needs a workspace.

Booking a deluxe room at the Ace Hotel Suite includes breakfast buffet for two adults as well as complimentary pass to their water spa. The water spac ticket is good for 4-hours but basically that is more than enough time to enjoy the facilities. Ace Water Spa has lap pools, kiddie pool, steam and sauna. They have a hot and cold dipping pool where you dip in the hot pool for about 5 minutes with your head resting on a cold bar then you dip in the cold pool for 5 seconds. They have other varieties of hydro massage for the feet, back, and body. By the way, Ace Water Spa does not allow guests without the proper swim wear. They provide free swimming caps so no need to bring one. Cameras and mobile phone are not allowed beyond the locker area.

Over-all our Ace Hotel Suite and Water spa experince was a great one. Would we recommend it? Yes. Are we going back? Yes! Thus, the membership card. Water Spa rates are at Php550 per adult while Php200 for kids below 12 years old. You may check out their rates and other promo at their website -- http://www.acehotelsuites.com and http://www.acewaterspa.com.ph/

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Scrappy

For me, nothing really beats going thru printed pictures. While we live in a digital world, you never really get to have that one organized place where you can go back to memory lane. And so for me, it is but a need to put our pictures in a scrap book no matter how long it takes. I am done with our couple scrapbook -- at least for the part when we weren't married yet. Still have a long way to go but that would just mean more time to reminisce the good ol' days