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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kapitolyo Food Hub Experience #2: Sa Kanto lang po!

After a 2-hour swim, hunger is but expected. And since we did not want to spend too much on food, we scouted for a food joint near Ace Water Spa that would fit the budget and feed the hungry tummies of the Drizlers

We saw Kanto Freestyle at 1st Street in Kapitolyo. Their menu is actually an all-day breakfast. A little pricey if you are to compare it to the usual tapsihan sa kanto but this is simply because theirs is an affordable gourmet breakfast. Having that in mind, you would know that their prices are indeed affordable

I ordered bacon and eggs, hubby got the beef tapa while our eldest ordered their cheese omelette. Their plating was unexpectedly nice which suddenly explains the price. Their tapa was good but I am not sure if this is a signature dish (kanto recipe) since there was none noted in the menu. Our eldest loved his cheese omelette and requested me to make one at home. Breakfast set menu comes with 2 eggs cooked the way you want them.

Over-all experience was good. Service was fast, crew was friendly, price is okay (for the gourmet that it is). Will we eat there again? Yes because we are suckers for breakfast food. Nothing fancy, nothing exceptional, just good ol'  homecooked breakfast  -- gourmet style

Kanto FreeStyle
1st Street Brgy Kapitolyo
Pasig City

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