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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's with glee?

What's with glee?

It's inspiring.
It's good to the ears,
Healthy for the soul,
A push to be an individual instead of being afraid to be different.
It's the musical of our times.
And I so love it!


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Monday, May 10, 2010


This is it. Most awaited, to-be-judged, let's see what happens, hoping it'll work election.

We fell in line 8:00 AM hoping to finish early. But the line was quite long already. Patiently waiting, my mom, sister and I already had our paper filled out with our name and precinct number. Half-way before getting to a shaded area, we saw people saying "kailangan daw ng number" ("we need a number"). So we asked what number, apparently it was the number corresponding to your name on the list of voters. Perfect, now we are really ready to vote.

Getting at the gate/opening of the voting area, we were suddenly asked the question, "Okay lang ba sa inyo paunahin ang mga senior citizen?" ("Is it okay if the senior citizen's go first?") That's not even a question for me, it's more of a polite way of saying, let them go first and we really wouldn't mind until we saw that almost half of the line had senior citizen.
Great. They don't give them a special lane so naturally this is what's gonna happen. I told the peace and order guy, Kuya Melvin, (who I personally know because he is our neighbor) that we need to create a system on how things are gonna get done. I mean, come on, some of these people have been in line much earlier than all the other senior citizens. I suggested that our cluster be divided into two lines: one line for the non-senior citizens and another for the senior citizens. After dividing the line we alternately (by twos) took our turns in voting. It was much faster, more organized, and it gave everyone a fair chance.

You see, it's not really that Filipinos don't want change or don't want to follow accordingly. Sometimes, you got to know how to explain things to them. Let them know how they will benefit from it and sincerely make them feel that you are actually doing this to make this faster, better and easier.

No, we are not stupind voters. I think more than anything we are just too hopefully. Some hope that choosing the lesser evil will bring a better future, some hope that choosing the less popular may collectively be others' choice as well, while some just hope that whoever wins can bring about change. It's not really about who's gonna be the next president. It's really about you being ready to do your part.

Are you up to the challenge of becoming the best Filipino citizen?
If you say no, you have no right to complain.
If you say yes, then go and change our country.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino!!!