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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Then and Now

Before and after.
Next generation versions of us.
The past meets the present.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

(Super Belated) Celebration Chronicles

It is nearing Christmas yet I will be talking about my hubby's birthday treat (way back) Fourth of July.

His birthday fell middle of the work week so we had to adjust his celebration to a later part of the week. It was a quiet one, no fancy dinner, no loud parties -- we wouldn't want to worry on how to stop drinking wouldn't we? -- no big preparations. This year we decided we will be celebrating it as a couple. A way to make up with all the missed "us" moments due to the hustle of daily living.

I reserved two seats for us at Ace Lounge for an early lunch. We arrived early so we had the place all for ourselves an hour before the lunch hour. It was a feast since we got their eat-all-you-can buffet and we were able to savor the dishes offered.

After that we went to the mall as I surprised him for a wardrobe shopping. Since we opted a "just the two of us" date, I figured we have some budget that we can allot for some birthday presents. I am happy because a lot of the things he liked were on sale so that was definitely an added bonus.

Since there was just too much food intake during our lunch, we opted for light snack and coffee at French baker later in the afternoon. The birthday boy's last stop was a good massage at Hands to heaven.

Birthday present from Daduds and Mamu

He definitely deserved something nice for his birthday after all the hardwork that he has done. In between ministry, family and work, this simple celebration is just a little reward.

 I love you Dhe! Hope you had a blast =)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The adventures of boy Zye- Part 5: The First Q is out!

As I have mentioned in my previous post to bring it on. Our son really did!

Husband and I woke up early to be the first in line during the PTC card retrieving day. Got 2nd in line but was ecstatic to see that Zye did pretty well in school!

It was actually very evident that he is good with Math simply because he would rather count than do the other school stuff. (Do we see another Engineer in the family?) Over-all average is 93.18 with the lowest grade at 91.85. Really impressive! (and not just because I am his mom)
 It sometimes gets a little challenging to keep him focused whenever we are studying. This especially goes when he practices his writing and whenever he needs to do some coloring activities. It can be gruelling and frustrating especially when I come home from work and we still need to study.

Most of the times we actually need to find new means and ways to be able to introduce new learnings. Review time before examination can be tricky since it is just a "re-run" of everything they have studied. A few times we did consider getting him a tutor just in case the time we spend reviewing with him isn't enough. But we do enjoy every studying moments (even if it takes hours!) and we just make sure that we let him feel that studying can be fun.
First quarter grading was superb. I know it doesn't guarantee all the remaining quarters in school but it truly is a big statement that Zye is enjoying school and he sure aint behind. His progress is the most important this and for that alone, his earned all the stars in my heart.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The adventures of school boy Zye- Part 4: What's going on in school?

So our little boy is in school - complete with books and uniform. The works. Aside from the improvement in his english vocabulary that he so oftenly use nowadays (and we are most of the times in awe of his good sentence construction) I must say we gotta see proof in what he's been learning.

The first long test. First time to spend long hours studying (and testing my patience I must say). The results were pretty amazing

Happy and jumping with joy upon receiving this small slip of paper attached to Zye's examination papers. Great! Now we know that our little boy is not just learning but definitely coping well in their lessons. After the monsoon rains we get ready for the first quarter exams. Mommy is a little pressure having to do reviews after work. Daddy is a little tensed, pressuring Mommy to do an intense review. The review nights sometimes become frustrating with Zye getting bored in between reviews (especially when he is practicing his writing) Finally words to Zye before the big exam day: Do not be in a hurry, count well and Pray hard.

The result was phenomenal!

This time around we didn't jump for joy. We were flying in the air! It was such a great joy knowing that our kid was doing superb. When Zye's yaya showed me the papers, I shouted:

ME: "Good job anak! Four stars!!!!"
ZYE: "Happy naman si mommy?" (Is mom happy?)
ME: "Yes of course anak. Mommy is sooooooo happy!"

The daddy was ecstatic. Coming home from his Cebu trip, he smiled ear-to-ear upon seeing the results. It was indeed a sweet thing to come home to such a pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow is report card giving day. Let's get it on!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speech, speech!

Friends, Romans, countrymen....
Do we have a future contestant for oral declamation?
I think so!!!
I guess history does repeat itself.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The adventures of School boy Zye-Part 3: The real proof

I think the idea of being in school will never be evident until one is suited up in his uniform. That is why I had to make sure Zye's first ever uniform-experience was captured on cam and documented on this blog for whatever purpose it shall serve him (possibly sentimental reasons, hopefully not a cause of embarassment for him)

Here's to many more uniforms, learnings and happy memories (with blog entries of course!) that will come along our way.

We are ready to go!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Don't mess with the man in uniform!

(Conversation while Zye was trying out his uniform)
Me: " Zye, picture tayo"
Zye: "Okay"
(After taking a picture)
Me: "Anak, bakit ganito ang pose mo? Bakit parang galit?"
Zye: "Hindi mommy, si Bruce Banner kasi yan! Mamaya Hulk na ako."

One FUN Saturday

Unplanned activities are usually the best. That's what happened one Saturday when we were asked to meet up with my sister together with her sister-in-law. The plan: To go to Active fun at the fort.

The place was packed with kids coming from a birthday party that afternoon. We had three kids and all four adults went in as well. (There were big kids inside and it would be a treat to try it out as well) Weekday rates are at Php125 for half an hour and Php150 for an hour's play while unlimited playtime is priced at Php300. Weekends including holidays are rated at Php140 for half hour play and Php175 for an hour's play. Unlimited play time during the weekend is at Php350. Non-play pass for adults is at Php125. Make sure to bring socks, pleanty of water, powder and towels as you will sweat it out here. The area is airconditioned but the running, sliding, jumping up and down the trampoline can really be exhausting!

The kids (and adults) had a blast with the pool of balls (not really sure how they call it) Zoe surely had a treat with that. Though I must say, she enjoyed as well all the walking we did. It was, after all, a very big child proof playground.

Zye and Sofiel had a blast with the pool of balls but I think they loved the trampoline the most! (Sorry no picture there. Can never catch the jumping action on cam)
The well spent hour was capped off with sweet treats at Krispy Kreme. Yeah, the kiddos got hungry. (I should say the adults felt the same -- Right Owie and Yana?)
Happy hour at Active fun plus donuts equals truly happy little beings. Hooray for a well spent bonding time. Until next time!  =))

Active Fun Fort Bonifacio
Active Fun Bldg., Bonifacio High Streets
9th Avenue cor 28th street Bonifacio Global City
Open Monday to Sunday
M-F: 12nn to 8pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 10am to 9pm

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grammar 101: How to rephrase

Zye: "Mom, look at me" (He was holding a necklace and swinging it side ways trying to hypnotize me)
Me: " Yes, I'm looking"
Zye: "Goes to sleep..."
Me: "No anak, it's go to sleep"
Zye: "Goes to sleep..."
Me: "Repeat after me: Go to sleep"
Zye: (Repeating after me) "Go to sleep"
Me: "Try it again"
Zye: "Sleep now"
At least I know our son knows how to rephrase =))

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiolo is not an actor

Finding good food can be as accidental as one hot and humid afternoon going to Antipolo for Sunday service and not wanting to eat at some random fast food.

Tiolo was right there along the road when that afternoon happened. It wasn't a fancy resto and not too big as well but we liked its homey atmosphere and they have free wifi which can be a plus factor for most customers.

Of course since it is a resto, we should talk about their menu. They serve rice meals, soups, pasta dishes, smoothies. Not too many dishes to choose from but good enough number to have variety.

A few of their dishes that we tried out: pumpkin soup (P40.00), mashed potato, chicken cordon bleu with rice and potato salad (P110.00), egg and cheese pasta (P68.00) and tosilog.

They have good food. The price is very affordable yet the quality of the food they serve is higher than what you would expect from its cost. The pumpkin soup is good for sharing so is the mashed potato if you ordered it as a side dish. I loved the egg and cheese pasta topped with bacon. Tosilog was a turn-off. They didn't use a good type of tocino. Their bottomless iced tea (P68.00) is served in these big glasses. Do not however expect this same glass if you are ordering the regular iced tea (P40.00)

Over-all the experience at Tiolo was a satisfying one and we definitely will be back again at any given Sunday.

Where in the world is Tiolo? Check it out at their address below:

2145 circumferential rd.
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

Monday, July 9, 2012

Crunch time

Zye will have his first long exam tomorrow. I had to make him wait for me so that we can go over his pointers. Tired that I was, I cannot let him see that. I had to get my energy up so that he will be excited as well. I am glad that he had his mind set that he will be studying tonight before he goes to bed and our review was such a breeze.

Now, as I lay me down to sleep, I cannot help but remind myself that my job as a mom is 25/7. Yes, I need the extra hour to go through what has happend the whole and make sure nothing was missed.

Dozing off right about now. And let's hurry this up...I only have a few more before my day starts again.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The adventures of School boy Zye-Part 2: School at home

The title is beginning to sound like a blog of its own...also sounding like an Upin Ipin episode title. Ha!

Zye is getting used to doing homeworks already. He now knows the drill-no tv, no toys, just him and his school stuff. Next week is his first set of long exams. I felt it was but proper to give tribute to homeworks and study time at home. And yes, we make homeworks fun!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating life and love

He did not promise me the moon and the and the stars,
Yet everyday in his loving arms is heaven on earth

He did not promise me the riches of this world,
Yet he provided me with a kingdom overflowing with things that are priceless

He did not promise that his love will remain, and I'm glad.
Because each day his love grows more beautiful, deeper, sweeter.


I LOVE YOU. Always, always.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rookie vs old star

Wanted: Space

We had to make room for Zye's study area now that he started schooling. So the former two single beds were back to its original double-deck form and we were able to find a spot for our son's work table. The finish product of course is one happy little guys that went nuts over his own "space".

Yes, this is the beginning of independence.

The adventures of School boy Zye-Part 1: Trial Class is fun

This year marks another highlight in our parenting life as we send of our eldest to summer/trial class last May. The class ran for a week and was designed to see whether the kid is ready for school or not.

Needless to say, we are nervous and excited about this new chapter in our son's life. Will he cry? Will he make friends easily? Will he shy off or will he be as active as he is at home? One week was enough to answer our questions.
Zye woke up early during day 1 of trial school. That on its own was a milestone. The whole household actually woke up early to witness his first day preparation. I was all giddy to bring him to school which by the way started at 8am!

At first Zye was a bit quiet, observing his classmates as he sits at the front seat near the door (he chose that place) When the teacher started teaching action songs, that was when Zye got hyped up and all set to join the singing. After that I knew he was gonna be just fine.

Here's to the start of many blogs for me. Or probably the start of my diary tagged as: The adventures of a school boy named Zye

Friday, June 29, 2012

What women wants and what men are clueless about

I may live a hundred years but I myself will never get to explain why women love (not obsessed...there is a difference) shoes and bags. And I am sure that my husband, though he lives a thousand years, will never understad it at all.

Exactly what is it with these shoes that just draws the attention of every woman. It is unintentional, mind you. But every shoe seems to whisper, those stilletos haunts you down. How about those bags? It is hard to explain but I think it is logical to get a matching bag with every pair of shoe. Okay maybe not for every pair but probably to have a bag that matches the primary colors.

Addiction? Not at all.
Vanity? Far from it.
So what is it? It spells WOMANHOOD.

No need for argument guys. After all, we can't fathom how you can talk about basketball for hours!

Let's just call it even for now.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Power of two

We are really blessed to have been given two wonderful and beautiful kids and though we totally cherish being with them, we never really forget how much we need the time alone...together.

I think it is one factor that keeps our marriage enjoyable. Our moments to reminisce, plan and just simply spend our time together talking about anything and everything. It's the feeling of "never getting enough" of each other and yet maintaining the "space" in our togetherness. Aha! Confused? You just have to experience it and you'll know what I mean.

Friday, February 10, 2012


It suddenly came to me that next week, our little princess will be turning 8 months. Just like that. It seems as if I had just given birth a few months ago then reality knocks at you at shouts in your face " Wake up " and you feel like you were in some twilight zone where everything was just put into fast forward. Wow, time flies fast. Like it is in a race of some sort. Running against itself. And you really got to take it seriously to live each day to its fullest, find your purpose, have a life directed accordingly to a good path -- you know, the works. Don't let time pass you by leaving you in regrets. After all, we have but one life to live