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Friday, June 29, 2012

What women wants and what men are clueless about

I may live a hundred years but I myself will never get to explain why women love (not obsessed...there is a difference) shoes and bags. And I am sure that my husband, though he lives a thousand years, will never understad it at all.

Exactly what is it with these shoes that just draws the attention of every woman. It is unintentional, mind you. But every shoe seems to whisper, those stilletos haunts you down. How about those bags? It is hard to explain but I think it is logical to get a matching bag with every pair of shoe. Okay maybe not for every pair but probably to have a bag that matches the primary colors.

Addiction? Not at all.
Vanity? Far from it.
So what is it? It spells WOMANHOOD.

No need for argument guys. After all, we can't fathom how you can talk about basketball for hours!

Let's just call it even for now.

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