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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The adventures of School boy Zye-Part 1: Trial Class is fun

This year marks another highlight in our parenting life as we send of our eldest to summer/trial class last May. The class ran for a week and was designed to see whether the kid is ready for school or not.

Needless to say, we are nervous and excited about this new chapter in our son's life. Will he cry? Will he make friends easily? Will he shy off or will he be as active as he is at home? One week was enough to answer our questions.
Zye woke up early during day 1 of trial school. That on its own was a milestone. The whole household actually woke up early to witness his first day preparation. I was all giddy to bring him to school which by the way started at 8am!

At first Zye was a bit quiet, observing his classmates as he sits at the front seat near the door (he chose that place) When the teacher started teaching action songs, that was when Zye got hyped up and all set to join the singing. After that I knew he was gonna be just fine.

Here's to the start of many blogs for me. Or probably the start of my diary tagged as: The adventures of a school boy named Zye

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