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Friends who crossed the line of friendship to discover that we can love more than we thought we can. Brought together by God and have discovered along the way that there is a deeper reason why we are together. Our mission is not to be done individually,but together. This site contains our past and our journey to the future..a sharing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears -- all about our adventures in life.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping anyone?

In this day and age of crisis, there is only one solution:

Buy and Sell.

As most of my fellow n@wie moms have adviced me, it's time that I make some money by selling stuff that is within my means and reach. So I am officially inviting everyone to visit our store (that is finally getting somewhere!) It would be nice too if you can leave a comment or add me up as one of your contacts.

Thank God for bright ideas and the good people that are ready share such.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Super ME wannabe

What happens to a woman who is a mom of a 1-year 4-months old active boy, a wife, an employee, a blogger, a youth coordinator and a church's scribe who is all of a sudden left by the helper whom she thought was still on the same track as she is?
As if I hit my head on a concrete wall and I didn't even saw it coming.

So this is me and my plight to finding another job that would actually work out even if I get a new helper. All of a sudden reality gushed and I am faced with choices that I don't even want to choose. But for the love of my family, there is nothing I won't do. Make that, there is nothing I can't do. I wouldn't even know how in the world I get to juggle everything else that's happening and still manage to keep my sanity. Most of the times I'm just happy that I still get to sleep soundly (maybe because I'm soooo tired...harhar!) and not worry about what's to come the next day.

I'm no super woman.....because I am Batgirl!
And yes...I married Mr. Perfect.

I thought it was Halloween!

Who says its got to be November just to be in a costume?
Trick or Treat? Nah! I'd say it's just mere FUN!

Zye and the Bee

This is Zye's very first encounter with the one and only bee that dances well.

It was also the first ever birthday party wherein Zye actually ran around, wanting to get all the balloons that his hands can grab. Shouting and dancing. Fishing for more fries, ice cream and spaghetti. He was so happy because there are a lot of kids and he just wanted to play with every one of them. It was such a classic moment when Jollibee arrived at the scene. Hubby and I was really excited to see how Zye would react -- will he cry, will he be entertained? We went near the bee and to my surprise Zye was quite amused with Jollibee. Maybe because of the size, or the color perhaps, or probably just fascinated with what Jollibee was. A few moments when Jollibee was already moving too much, Zye's amusement was slowly turned to fear. I think it was the big eyes that got into him that made him change his mind about liking the big, dancing bee.
Oh well, I'm just glad that he enjoyed the party. He was, after all, batman for a day! =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(Not) Growing up.

It's great not having to buy new clothes all the time. First, it saves you a lot of money and second, you know that you don't need to diet. But sometimes there's this "horrific" feeling when you realize that this (or these) clothing have been with since birth (exaggerating here of course).

Welcome to my world. Yes, I have had shirts, shorts, dresses, pants even, that I've had since college (some even highschool...I know...Gosh, right?) that still fits me perfectly to this day. I did get rid of them if only to put away the thought that I never really grew ever since I can remember. That and of course, the weird feeling that people who knew me then might still recognize my clothes. Now that can be called deja vu! Harhar.

Hmm, it's like the curious case of Benjamin Button. In my case, not-so-curious case. It's so obvious that I never really gained weight or added inches to my height but it feels like I'm not really getting old so if only for that, I'm happy with the way I turned out to be.

Finally...tooting again!

I can't pass this opportunity not to TOOT!

I am one happy mommy as our son is once again in tip-top shape! Yesterday morning at around 5 A.M. I noticed that he had a fever. He wasn't able to sleep well probably irritable and I had to really take care of him and make sure his fever doesn't shoot up. It would go down every once in awhile after his drops of paracetamol but it was so evident that he was not feeling well because he didn't want me to leave his side.

After 24-hours of regular 4-hr interval paracetamol drops and the constant sponge bath, he is now back to his active self, shouting, dancing and wanting to play with my laptop once again. So there, it's more than this world to have this toot most especially since it's our son's health that we're talking about.

Have a great Tuesday mommies!

On the day of hearts

My husband and I don't really make a big deal out of Valentines Day. We actually find it funny when people go rushing for flowers and chocolates and fighting over the best seat in restaurants just to please their loved one. For us, you can always show your love any time of the day, it is not even needed to declare one day just to be called a day of love.

The other day I was browsing on the net and looking for a gift for my hubby. Yes, it might coincide with the day of hearts but I really want to buy a new set of his and hers watches. We bought one two years ago after we got married and I'm thinking of buying a new set as a late Anniversary Present.

Unfortunately, my eyes are not liking some of the his and hers style available but I've got my heart set on this really nice fossil watch which I think my husband would really love. Of course I can always go buy new wedding rings (we've got two by the way, one two-toned and one silver and this white gold that I saw will be a great addition to our collection) which he will surely like too.

So many things in my shopping list now! But I need to focus first on our post-anniversary gift before my budget runs out. He'll be even more surprised if he receives it this Valentine's Day. I can just imagine the surprised look in his face. He'll be ecstatic!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Year that was

Kinda late to be reminiscing about my 2008, huh? Well, pardon me for that. I haven't been in my best writing mood ever due to fatigue and time constraint. But I have got lots of time in my hand now and I wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to look back with what has happened last year.

Of course, we are talking about big events here. Topping my list was my resignation last February. It was a decision meant for our son who was a premature baby and I just can't help but think of him whenever I am at work. Since hubby has a good compensation (and some commissions as well) we decided that it will be okay if I stop working and concentrate on becoming a full time mommy and wife.

The months of April and May were quite busy. We were the program coordinators for the anniversary/youth camp of our church and the preparations indeed needed hard work because the event was held in Mindoro. Imagine figuring out the food, accomodation, seminar outlines and materials for 200 people? Whew!Really exhausting but truly worth all the sweat.

June was quite a good kick off for my blogs. Turned out as well that being a full time mom, wife, side blogger, church scribe and youth coordinator was still hard work. I wanted to juggle starting a small business but I would have been insane to do so.
Time really breezes through because October came and it dawned that soon we will be having a toddler as our son, Zye, turned one. We didn't have a big celebration. A bowling game and an intimate family dinner to celebrate the great blessing of having a healthy baby boy in the family.

October was also the month when I decided to go back to work. Having been given an opportunity, I grabbed it with the intention of helping my husband with the finances. Life was getting tough, expenses were sky rocketting, my additional income was no longer enough and I had to do my share in this matter.

The holiday seasons simply passed by with the Christmas Season spent with the Driz family and the second half of the long break with the Donor family. After that, it's hello to the year 2009.

What am I expecting for 2009?
My miracle. My great, big miracle.



In God's perfect time....
this 2009.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fab Award

Thanks Tna for telling me that my blog is fabulous!

Let me see, together with this award, I'd have to list down 5 of my addictions.

Yikes! Let me see if I can narrow it down to just five:

Just the mere thought of it makes want to have one now.I think our son actually got my addiction to ice cream while my husband is (I think) starting to get addicted as well. (READ: Espresso Brownie Blizzard by DQ)

Yes. I can eat sinigang 24 by 7.

I believe it's more than an addiction. It's a passion. I actually dream of publishing my collection of poems, essays and short stories.

I love pictures. I certainly believe that picture do paint a thousand words. I'd choose picture over videos anytime.

It's my addiction particularly because I have a gift when it comes to memorizing lyrics and remembering tunes. If I may add my addiction to SIDE A (still have a ticket of their first big concert at Payanig sa Pasig way back 1992!) as well.

I'm passing this to other fabulous bloggers: Irmee, Pat, and Rocks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy face=funny face

Happy birthday Tita! Zye greets my sister a with this funny face. I guess he thought it was a wacky shot. Haarhar. Missing Dadus during this day (February 2) It was his special day as well. Love you both!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Yes!This is how I would like to define a fresh start. This (I think) is much better than my first layout. (I hope you guys are agreeing)

My husband says it should no longer be a brewery hehehe...that's why I still had to place my logo. I'm still looking of how to make it more of a brewery though. Any suggestions?

Head hurts now. Have to sleep early...I'm still not yet fully recovered.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The new us!

It's kinda late as a new year thing but this is what I've been wanting to have: a new look for our blog! Yes even the title is new (sort of) because I wanted it to really reflect our family.

What do you guys think of it? I almost ruined the whole thing trying on so many templates but finally I was able to find one that hubby and I liked.

Hay. This is what happens when I get to be at home. I hope it was worth letting go of the old one.