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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Year that was

Kinda late to be reminiscing about my 2008, huh? Well, pardon me for that. I haven't been in my best writing mood ever due to fatigue and time constraint. But I have got lots of time in my hand now and I wouldn't want to waste this opportunity to look back with what has happened last year.

Of course, we are talking about big events here. Topping my list was my resignation last February. It was a decision meant for our son who was a premature baby and I just can't help but think of him whenever I am at work. Since hubby has a good compensation (and some commissions as well) we decided that it will be okay if I stop working and concentrate on becoming a full time mommy and wife.

The months of April and May were quite busy. We were the program coordinators for the anniversary/youth camp of our church and the preparations indeed needed hard work because the event was held in Mindoro. Imagine figuring out the food, accomodation, seminar outlines and materials for 200 people? Whew!Really exhausting but truly worth all the sweat.

June was quite a good kick off for my blogs. Turned out as well that being a full time mom, wife, side blogger, church scribe and youth coordinator was still hard work. I wanted to juggle starting a small business but I would have been insane to do so.
Time really breezes through because October came and it dawned that soon we will be having a toddler as our son, Zye, turned one. We didn't have a big celebration. A bowling game and an intimate family dinner to celebrate the great blessing of having a healthy baby boy in the family.

October was also the month when I decided to go back to work. Having been given an opportunity, I grabbed it with the intention of helping my husband with the finances. Life was getting tough, expenses were sky rocketting, my additional income was no longer enough and I had to do my share in this matter.

The holiday seasons simply passed by with the Christmas Season spent with the Driz family and the second half of the long break with the Donor family. After that, it's hello to the year 2009.

What am I expecting for 2009?
My miracle. My great, big miracle.



In God's perfect time....
this 2009.

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