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Friday, September 7, 2012

The adventures of school boy Zye- Part 4: What's going on in school?

So our little boy is in school - complete with books and uniform. The works. Aside from the improvement in his english vocabulary that he so oftenly use nowadays (and we are most of the times in awe of his good sentence construction) I must say we gotta see proof in what he's been learning.

The first long test. First time to spend long hours studying (and testing my patience I must say). The results were pretty amazing

Happy and jumping with joy upon receiving this small slip of paper attached to Zye's examination papers. Great! Now we know that our little boy is not just learning but definitely coping well in their lessons. After the monsoon rains we get ready for the first quarter exams. Mommy is a little pressure having to do reviews after work. Daddy is a little tensed, pressuring Mommy to do an intense review. The review nights sometimes become frustrating with Zye getting bored in between reviews (especially when he is practicing his writing) Finally words to Zye before the big exam day: Do not be in a hurry, count well and Pray hard.

The result was phenomenal!

This time around we didn't jump for joy. We were flying in the air! It was such a great joy knowing that our kid was doing superb. When Zye's yaya showed me the papers, I shouted:

ME: "Good job anak! Four stars!!!!"
ZYE: "Happy naman si mommy?" (Is mom happy?)
ME: "Yes of course anak. Mommy is sooooooo happy!"

The daddy was ecstatic. Coming home from his Cebu trip, he smiled ear-to-ear upon seeing the results. It was indeed a sweet thing to come home to such a pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow is report card giving day. Let's get it on!