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Monday, September 17, 2007

The face of an angel

I am so........happy!!!!

My OB wanted me to get a fetal survey to check on the baby. Shempre, kami naman ni hubby excited. We wanted to go for the 3d/4d thingie kasi gusto namin makita kung sino kamukha ng baby namin. Yesterday we got a glimpse of how our baby boy looks like. Ang bait ng anak namin! He was so cooperative at hindi nahirapan yung sonologist sa pag capture ng face profile niya. Here are some of his pictures. First picture is our baby boy at 17 weeks. He's still skinny during that time. The next picture were taken yesterday, Zye is already on his 29th week and looking good.

It's amazing what technology can do. Now we can actually visualize Zye kahit di pa siya lumalabas. Sobrang excited na lalo kami. We're not sure kung sino kamukha niya pero for sure his lips (ang haba ng nguso!!!!) are from me. That's how my lips looked like when I was still a baby.

By November, hopefully we'll have another view of our baby...maybe by this time he'll do other tricks for us as well...hehehe..We love you Zye!!!!!