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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zye and the Bee

This is Zye's very first encounter with the one and only bee that dances well.

It was also the first ever birthday party wherein Zye actually ran around, wanting to get all the balloons that his hands can grab. Shouting and dancing. Fishing for more fries, ice cream and spaghetti. He was so happy because there are a lot of kids and he just wanted to play with every one of them. It was such a classic moment when Jollibee arrived at the scene. Hubby and I was really excited to see how Zye would react -- will he cry, will he be entertained? We went near the bee and to my surprise Zye was quite amused with Jollibee. Maybe because of the size, or the color perhaps, or probably just fascinated with what Jollibee was. A few moments when Jollibee was already moving too much, Zye's amusement was slowly turned to fear. I think it was the big eyes that got into him that made him change his mind about liking the big, dancing bee.
Oh well, I'm just glad that he enjoyed the party. He was, after all, batman for a day! =)

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