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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

(Not) Growing up.

It's great not having to buy new clothes all the time. First, it saves you a lot of money and second, you know that you don't need to diet. But sometimes there's this "horrific" feeling when you realize that this (or these) clothing have been with since birth (exaggerating here of course).

Welcome to my world. Yes, I have had shirts, shorts, dresses, pants even, that I've had since college (some even highschool...I know...Gosh, right?) that still fits me perfectly to this day. I did get rid of them if only to put away the thought that I never really grew ever since I can remember. That and of course, the weird feeling that people who knew me then might still recognize my clothes. Now that can be called deja vu! Harhar.

Hmm, it's like the curious case of Benjamin Button. In my case, not-so-curious case. It's so obvious that I never really gained weight or added inches to my height but it feels like I'm not really getting old so if only for that, I'm happy with the way I turned out to be.

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