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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tiolo is not an actor

Finding good food can be as accidental as one hot and humid afternoon going to Antipolo for Sunday service and not wanting to eat at some random fast food.

Tiolo was right there along the road when that afternoon happened. It wasn't a fancy resto and not too big as well but we liked its homey atmosphere and they have free wifi which can be a plus factor for most customers.

Of course since it is a resto, we should talk about their menu. They serve rice meals, soups, pasta dishes, smoothies. Not too many dishes to choose from but good enough number to have variety.

A few of their dishes that we tried out: pumpkin soup (P40.00), mashed potato, chicken cordon bleu with rice and potato salad (P110.00), egg and cheese pasta (P68.00) and tosilog.

They have good food. The price is very affordable yet the quality of the food they serve is higher than what you would expect from its cost. The pumpkin soup is good for sharing so is the mashed potato if you ordered it as a side dish. I loved the egg and cheese pasta topped with bacon. Tosilog was a turn-off. They didn't use a good type of tocino. Their bottomless iced tea (P68.00) is served in these big glasses. Do not however expect this same glass if you are ordering the regular iced tea (P40.00)

Over-all the experience at Tiolo was a satisfying one and we definitely will be back again at any given Sunday.

Where in the world is Tiolo? Check it out at their address below:

2145 circumferential rd.
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

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