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Friday, July 11, 2014

Kapitolyo Food Hub Experience #1: Bulled away!

Because my lunch wasn't enticing at all, I had to ask my hubby to go out for dinner and look for good food. So last June 24, we went to Kapitolyo Pasig and searched for BullChef as recommended to us by a friend.

The food joint's specialty is bulalo. Thus the one cooking their dishes is called the Bulalo Chef paving way as well to the name of the place which is BullChef.

We ordered their bulalo sinigang meal which was good for 2 pax already, rice included. When you get this set, additional rice is free of charge. We also got the ala carte Bulalo Sisig.

For someone like me who can eat sinigang almost on a daily basis, their sinigang was to die for. I think the word "asim" is an understatement for this dish. Even my hubby (who is not at all a sinigang lover) raised his hands up and surrendered to the dish completely.

The sisig was also good. At first we thought it was a let down because it wasn't sizzling as much when it was served. But it got a high score to our sisig loving taste buds so we were happy with the dish as well.

With the BullChef - Chef Jeremiah Mateo

To top the experience, we had the opportunity to meet, greet and have our picture taken with the BullChef himself! Such a warm person too which I guess is also an ingredient as to why the food is pleasantly good.

So what's the verdict? We ended the night shouting "BullChef!"

The Bulalo Chef
#4 East Capitol Drive
Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig

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John Aries Tudla said...

Yay! I love this resto also :)I think you can try their other dishes like Bullsisig and Burger na may gulay pa. Yum yum! ^^

Food lover here,
The Promdi Boy Adventures