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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I DID (as posted in Frappucino Jown)

A year ago...getting married was just an idea. It was like agreeing on a plan for the future. Not knowing how it's gonna be, when, where. We started looking for places, gown details, souvenirs, flowers… the likes. We attended bridal fairs gathering all the brochures that our hands can hold on to.

We'd stay up late at night, planning how many guests we’re going to have, who will be our entourage, how much should we spend. There were times when the preparations would seem too complicated that we would end up arguing and then just giving up to the thought of having a civil wedding. Unexpectedly, the plans for a civil wedding became blurred and we decided to just have one that will not cost too much, but good enough to make it a memorable event.
The place was set, the date and time all sorted out. Things are getting clear. October of 2006, we were almost done with the preparations. But then again…so many problems came our way – the barong, the gowns, the photos – it was like getting caught in a twister that you didn’t even see coming. But God is good. The twister just passed us by. The skies turned blue shortly after awhile.
And so the most awaited day has come. December 29, 2006. I started early with the preparations, together with the moms and the entourage. During this time, the clouds were dark and giving the grass some sprinkling. We were having a garden wedding. Was I worried? No. God works miracles. He can stop the rain anytime soon.

Fifteen minutes before the ceremony starts…guests on their seats, I was in the car. I can see from afar my handsome groom as he greets relatives and friends. The wind was getting strong. God answers prayers. He heard our requests. He asked the wind to whisper its breeze. And the entourage march started.

My groom now awaits me. The car made a complete stop at the archway entrance covered with lovely white calla lilies. It’s my turn. All eyes set on me. The music started to play. I went out of the car and stood under my floral door. The feeling was intense. My heart was pounding with excitement. My brain was telling me to smile and look at my groom. My emotions told me otherwise. I wanted to cry as I look back at all the sleepless nights, the conflicts, the headaches, the love and the promise of forever.

How can a wedding contain such emotions? I don’t know. But it’s like in one brief moment, your life flashes back in front of your eyes -- as your parents wait for you, as they give you to the that man you chose to spend the rest of your life with – like a dream that’s just so real. As I reach out for my groom’s hands, as he takes me from my parents, I realized that we have both decided to end romance.

Yes, we did. We ended it only because we have decided to start on a journey much better than romance. We started our journey with love. Pure, unconditional, no-holds bar...love.

So does this mean that no more “kilig” moments to look forward to? Of course not. Replacing romance with pure love only meant that during stormy days, you will still smile. Amidst your struggles, you will always be comforted by loving arms. Romance may not always arise during the most difficult times while love overcomes any circumstances.

Officially married.
Officially Loved.

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