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Monday, July 23, 2007

This is my life now

So many things have changed..well, that's as far as my life is concerned.Of course, alam ko naman na marami ang magbabago sa buhay ko especially after getting married. It just surprises me because the changes are slowlytaking place -- as if nagiging part na ng pagkatao mo and you never even thoughtit's gonna happen so soon.

Having said that, here is my "change list". I am documenting this for souvenir purposes..hehehe.

1. Waking (and getting up) at 7 AM.

I am not a morning person -- believe me. I love sleeping (who doesn't) but amazingly, the idea of making sure that Dong doesn't oversleep becomes more important than my sleeping habits. Minsan, kahit gusto ko pang matulog, kusang bumubukas ang mata ko para tingnan kung anong oras na.

2. Breakfast habits.

As much as possible, I try to wake up earlier to prepare breakfast for my hubby. Kaya lang, when I got pregnant, he doesn't want me waking up early just to cook for him kasi gusto niya makatulog ako ng mas mahaba. So usually, I make an effort to prepare breakfast na lang every weekend. I let him sleep longer para naman makabawi siya ng tulog and wake him up with a nice breakfast all set up for him. I'm beginning to feel the importance of my mom's breakfast rituals -- it's actually good waking up in the morning and having something prepared for you. It makes you feel you are up to any challenge that the day may bring.

3. Saving is earning more.

For the month of July, we "officially" lived as a couple. Bago kasi nagawa yung house ng parents ko sa Cavite, kasama pa namin ang mom ko sa bahay. In short, libre ang pagtira namin because we don't pay the bills and stuff. Ngayong month na ito, my parents moved in sa house nila Cavite at mararanasan na namin ang pag-iisip kung saan kukuha ng pambayad sa bills.... hehe.

Meralco, Pldt, cable, credit cards, insurance, association dues...and the list goes on. Minsan, pakiramdam ko ayoko na buksan yung envelope at baka maloka ako sa amount na makikita ko. But God is good. Binigyan niya kaming asawa ng wisdom to deal with such things and an understanding heart to always see the better side of life. Wala kaming sideline ngayon ni hubby. Pero nalaman namin na kung magtitipid kami sa expenses, para na rin kaming kumita ng extra income. So starting last week, we embraced public transportation and enjoyed the adventures of commuting. Aba, mahal ng gasolina ha! Matic pa man din si batchoy!!!

4. A wife and a mother.

21 weeks in my pregnancy and I am trying my best how to be both a wife and a mom at the same time. Some people think that after giving birth, you are first a mom before you are a wife. I say you are both. Hindi dahil may anak ka na ay mababawasan na ang responsibility mo as a wife. Being a mom doesn't excuse you from your role as a wife. Remember that you were a wife first before you bacame a mom. Both are as important kaya hindi mo pwedeng sabihing mas una ang anak niyo kesa kay hubby or mas una si hubby kesa sa anak niyo. Of course, it all comes with a good communication line with your husband. The best thing is to share the responsibilities as parents para kayong dalawa hindi rin na-dedeprive sa isa't isa. I am not yet in that stage pero ngayon pa lang ay pinaguusapan na namin ni hubby ang mga bagay na ito to make sure na both the child and the father are taken care of by the mom.

5. Working doesn't mean the house can't be clean.

Mahirap maging working wife. Pero I'm sure mas mahirap maging working mom. Isa sa mga bagay na napansin ko is that I barely have time to actually clean the house before leaving home. Minsan pag late pa nakabangon, I don't even have time to fix the bed. DOng understands it naman. Pero shempre, having been so used to a spic and span home (plain housewife kasi ang mom ko) parang di ko matiis na dadating kami tapos ganun ang itsura ng house namin. Kaya ngayon, clean as you go ang moto. Pag weekdays, hindi naman kailangan na super lines. Basta maayos ang house okay na. Come Saturday, it's cleaning time...para naman maganda ambiance ng bahay at ma-enjoy ni Dong ang relaxing mood ng house for the weekend.

Those are my top 5 changes to begin with. Alam ko mas madami pa ang dadating lalo na pagkasama na namin ang aming baby. Nothing is permanent in this world but change. I agree. And what do I have to say about the changes I've gone through? They are all good.

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