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Friday, April 27, 2007

God's gift is here

The Beginnings of a Pregnant Woman's Diary

DATE OF ENTRY: March 28, 2007:

Yesterday, I thought of buying a pregnancy kit because I was three days delayed and something in me felt as if I was already on my way. I did not tell my husband I bought the kit because of two things: 1. I did not want him to feel sad if the test was negative 2. I wanted to surprise him if it was positive.

The next day, March 28, 2007, I did not come to work early as I normally did. When I woke up, I immediately went to the bathroom to catch my first morning urine so that I would be able to do the pregnancy test.

This was my second encounter with a stick (or the pregnancy test kit). The first time was the month after our honeymoon in which it tested to be negative. It was a weird feeling having to wait for a second line to appear. It was almost like waiting for an examination result.

After placing three drops of my urine sample, I waited. This time even while waiting a second line was already appearing together with the strip in the control window. It was faint so I did not conclude yet. But my hopes were up. I may be pregnant.

Fifteen seconds after, it was evident. Two strips!!!!I AM PREGNANT!!! I was so happy I was almost in the brink of shedding a few tears. It's already time. We will soon be parents.
I called up Dingdong. I told him I was still at home and was not yet getting ready to go to work. He said "Goodluck, what time will you get there?" And I told him, "Well, that's just how it is when your pregnant"And he thought I was kidding him. I told him that I bought a pregnancy kit and that it tested positive. As if suddenly being on his right mind he said, "Go to the hospital" I was like "Right Now?" Oh yes, he didn't want me to go to work anymore. He just wanted me to have a check up and make sure everything was fine.

After telling my husband I was pregnant, I told the whole world. It was an amazing feeling. I can't even feel the baby yet but the feeling was already overwhelming. It's so great to have been blessed this way. A great husband, a supportive family, a lovely baby coming...

And I could not ask for more.

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