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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

R u Online?

It is amazing how technology can just think of things to get people connected round the clock. When friendster first came around, people are just ecstatic to find their long, lost friends (READ: People whom you barely remembered or vice versa who suddenly reminisces memory all for the sake of adding up to the number of friends tally. Ha!) because of the birth of social networking online.

The thing is, as the days and months and years go by, the idea of social networking evolved. You now have your blog sites on top of your yahoo groups and your forums, add to that facebook, multiply, hi5, then plurk then twitter. I think I am even far from what is out there because definitely my list is but too short.

So why the sudden analysis of such things? Simply because one of my friends actually asked why I didn't have a facebook account. Yes, my path to realization was led by that simple question and I honestly did wonder why I never even found the time to do so.

Then I made a short list of the things that I have been busy updating: friendster, my two websites, our multiply site, 3 e-mail accounts (excluding that from work), wordpress, on-line photoalbum...not included here are my tasks as a mom and as a wife. Can you just imagine how I would actually look like if I do it all- over at the same time?

Your guess is as good as mine. In the meantime, just visit our family blog and let's take it from there. Who knows, you mind end up blogging and relating to the world instead of just craddling yourself in the confinement of the social network you are in.

Still no facebook. Even after this blog post.

1 comment:

Mec said...

i have FB but i seldom check it... ahehehe... more Plurk person talaga ako :D