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Friday, March 13, 2009


For the Nth time this morning, I watched the movie "The pursuit of happyness". My husband and I totally love this movie and I'm pretty sure that most people feel the same way. It has been elevated and tied up to my all-time favorite movie that is "Dead Poets Society".

Is happiness just to be pursued? Is it non-existent? The movie was so real. It reflected pains, dreams, struggles, disappointments, fears. It showed life the way it is most of the times -- challenging, hopeless, hard to the core. For the number of the times that I've watched it, I have come up with a few reflections of my own.

1. Life is like a rubix cube.
During my high school days, I have been addicted to the rubix cube. Studied the techniques on how to play it and later on mastered my way on completing all six colors of the cube. So why do I say that life is like this cube? It's different colors signifies the different aspects in our life -- emotional , financial , physical , spiritual and mental. When we are faced with a challenging situation, sometimes these colors get all mixed up that our life may seem to be too chaotic. But then you have to remember that just like the rubix cube, it can still be fixed. You just need a whole lot of perseverance and energy to channel the negativities in your life to something more useful. Don't allow bad situations rule over your life. There will always be a way out of it.

2. We are all interns.
Life is like an internship. It is one long journey of learning, competition, and doing things to get to the top. It is a process of proving yourself to the world even if it means getting up immeditely even after getting hit by a car or preparing coffee for people who you think have a better life than yours.

3. You've got to have a motivating factor.
It was Chris' son that motivated him to pursue a better life. Sometimes, it's all we ever need just to keep moving on. Whatever it is that pushes us to become better persons would definitely help us in keeping our eye towards our goal. Never let your eyes wander from your insipiration.

4. Some parts of our life can really be called "being stupid".
Yes, just like when Chris said that "This part of my life is called being stupid" we also fall into such situations. We need to. Many times we think we know everything only to find out that we don't. Of course we have to make sure that our stupidity will lead us to further knowledge and not to a bottomless pit of stupid events.

5. If time machines were real, I'm one lucky girl.
After having major times when stupidity was prioritized, how I wish there were parts of my life that I can undo only to make it much better.

6. Trust in a must.
Just as Christopher trusted his father that everything will be alright, we have to trust as well that no matter how bad things may seem, everything will fall into its proper place. The sun will always shine after the rain. It can't always be a stormy day all year round.

I am happy. But I still have a lot of things that I hope and dream for. This part of my life is called the "Trying to be successful" (with a tagline probably of ways to earn more money...hahaha). There have been days that we don't have money in our pockets, there had been times when we literally don't know how to get by our expenses. But we are far from sleeping in a public comfort room and that alone is proof that we are still blessed.

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