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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music and me

I'm not sure if I've shared this information about myself but I aside from writing poetry I have had my share of songs as well. Yes, in some brief shining moments of my artistic side, music found its way to me and I have in one way or another incorporated it with my poems.

This is more than just an accomplishment for me. Its actually one of those days that I feel really good knowing that I found harmony for my writings. My very first composition was done way back 1996 (yeah, that long!) during my college days and it happened while I was holding my guitar trying to get over a sort of heart breaking day. I wrote down the chords, excited that I am entering a new level and soon enough my classmates are lining up to hear my music.

When I got home I had me and my sister record it on a casette tape (I know, ages ago right?) and we added second voice and all those stuff just to make it sound as if it was recorder in a studio and presenting it as if it had been well arranged. Well, it wasn't as fancy and how I really wish I had known that I can actually make it happen that a whole orchestra would back up my arrangement!

Yes, world class performance at the tip of your fingers. If only technology was such during those days. I've got a few more songs that I have and I would really love to have it arranged beautifully -- with all that jazz as they say. Of course when I get my songs performed by a live ensemble I would make sure to post it here on our blog! Who knows, a recording contract maybe up for grabs soon.

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