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Friday, March 6, 2009

The scouting mom (Part 1)

This is a first of a few parts. I'm calling this series: The scouting mom and this particular blog as: The scarcity of high chair

Yes. It seems to me that there is a scarcity of such. Yesterday, while eating at Greenwich, I asked one of the crews if they have a high-chair. He apologetically told me, "Sorry mam, gamit na po" (Sorry mam, it's already being used). I was surprised answering back, "Isa lang ang high-chair ninyo?" (You have only one high-chair?) Of course, his answer was a meek yes.

I never really thought of the importance of having high-chairs in food establishments not until I became a mom. But thinking about it, ALL restaurants and fast food chains SHOULD have enough number of high-chair for the simple reasons:

1. Unless it's a bar where kids are not allowed, expect the reality that families may choose to eat in your establishment.

2. The adult community includes Moms and Dads who may choose to eat dinner out together with their child -- no matter how young they may be.

3. Children do eat too!

4. It will be more messy if kids don't have their own eating are. They might end up running around the place as well and making a scene if they don't have a place where you can actually "contain" them.

Food business owners may see it as an additional overhead expense but if you think about it, it would be good to invest on getting high-chair because it actually shows that you're place is suitable for families which I believe generate bigger income because they order more, right?

Call me choosy, but starting today I'll be asking first if they do have a high-chair before dining in a specific restaurant/food chain. It's my way of saying: YES, mommies NEED high-chair! Give us a break for crying out loud.


AEC said...

pet peeve ko rin yan! buti pa ang max fried chicken, maganda ang high chair. we went to FIC ice cream bar in rockwell--guess what? wala silang high chair. bar stool daw ang high chair nila. eh papano pag baby? or toddler, eh di nahulog. sinabihan ko talaga yung waiter. an ice cream parlor definitely has a lot of children coming over their establishment and walang high chair? gudnez!

jeng said...

at korek ka dyan sis! there were restaurants where we had to leave upon knowing na wala silang high chair. Meron pang iba na ang high chair ay literal na high chair - as in mataas na silya and no straps at all!