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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shoes blues!

I like shoes. I don't usually buy a lot and maybe it's also because my feet is quite small and my choices are really limited.

So I usually buy shoes on a one time big deal and I barely shop again until they are almost worn out (except for slippers or sandals because these are my staple already so they really wear out easily)

Now, I need to buy new shoes. My favorite flats are slowly tearing itself apart, my wedged one is cracking on the side and my closed black shoes is showing signs of white spots due to old age. The thing is it's not in the budget (saving up for our son's first birthday even if we're not planning anyting fancy!) and, like it's not meant for me to buy, they don't have good styles for shoe sizes that will fit me. Talk about frustration.

On a better, brighter side, I finally had the time to buy the materials that I need for my shirt design project. Maybe that is why I wasn't able to buy shoes. I think I have to work hard first before splurging again on shoes.

Nothing beats rewarding oneself after a great accomplishment. I'll talk about the shoes I want next time. I can only take as much for one day.

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