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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Part two of the blues

I got over the shoes blues that's why I am following up my post about it. Got confused? So did I.

I am looking for flat shoes. I can't have too much high-heeled shoes because that would entail much effort from me especially when our son is with us. I have to be able to run faster than the speed of light if the situation calls for it.

It doesn't mean that because it's comfort that I want, style should suffer. I found some really cute flat shoes on the web. The only (and biggest) challenge is finding my shoe size.

The old classic ballerina style flat shoes. I think they never go out of style. They are cute, comfy, simple. In this picture, I would want the green and the brown. I think they would look best with my casual skirt, pedal pants, shorts and skinny jeans.

I love this white flats by Marc Jacobs because there is elegance in its simplicity. I've never had white shoes before (except when I was a kid) but I think this one will do justice to my wardrobe and would look great with my white head band!

Focus your attention on the bronze (or should I say gold?) shoes. It's not exactly flat but the heels are so short that they are almost negligible. I think it was placed there just to add sophistication to the shoe itself. These are new sytles from Marie Nicole.

I forgot the site from which I got this image but I sure do love this two-tone flats! I love the design and how you can actually wear this with your casual shirt and jeans outfit or even while sporting a cute little dress. Crap! How I wish my feet was of the generic size.

Dilemna, dilemna. Only if the shoe fits. I hope it does!

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Shirley said...

I'm big fan of flat shoes!! All these are adorable!!