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Friday, September 5, 2008

One more month to go...

I'm now officially having mixed emotions regarding our son soon becoming a toddler.


Zye turned 11 months yesterday. Next month he will be celebrating a year of blessings and good health. He is no longer a baby.

How it makes me smile to see our boy growing up well. I have some fears but seeing how God's goodness has worked since the day I conceived him erases all my worries. I know our son is going to be just fine. No, I believe our son is going to do great!

Have you ever wondered why all the memories of yesterday just seem to flash before your eyes whenever you watch you kid sleeping? Well, that is why I have posted here pictures of Zye sleeping. From his first few days here on earth when he was so tiny ( I think he can fit in a big shoe box!) to his latest chubby cheek picture. Our son has definitely come a long way. Ha! I talk as if my son will be graduating from college soon.

Of course, I am excited more than ever to seeing more of his teeth. I am anxious to see him walk on his own without support. I know I'd be running as well when he starts to run but by that time, I'm sure that I am all set to catch him if he runs away from my side.

There will still be no big, fancy celebration. But we will be partying our hearts out in our own special way. I'm preparing for it as well. We love you Zye!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 11th month sweetie! Let's scout for a new rubber shoes. Your all grown-up now.

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