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Friday, September 5, 2008

The crawler

Still on Zye...

Yesterday morning at around 5, I woke up because of Zye's movement. He is co-sleeping with us, right in the middle of me and Dong with pillows at the end of the bed. I thought that he was hungry and while I was preparing his bottle I was shocked to see him crawling towards the bed's headboard. What shocked me even more was when I found out he was still deep in his sleep while he was crawling! Yes, our son is sleepcrawling! I wasn't able to go back to bed at once because I was afraid that he might sleepcrawl again. Tonight, he's back to sleeping in his make shift bed on our bedroom floor. We simply cannot take our chances.

Of course, I am still worried because his head might bump the corners of the bed but at least we won't be waking up at the sound of a loud thug only to find out that our son has jumped off the bed.

Hay. If ony he would sleep in his crib then there will be less worries for me.

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