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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Truth or consequence

In any relationship, it's always the trust issue that gets to be complicated. No matter how much love there seem to be, you can never really tell what's going on whenever you are not with your partner. Am I saying that one should always be cautious? Of course not. You fall in love because you trust that your partner loves you as much and that he will never do anything to hurt you. But in such a deceiving world, temptations will always be around the corner.

Take the instance of my friend whose soon-to-be husband is in the states due to a job assignment. She told me that she received this anonymous e-mail saying that her fiancee is seeing someone. She dismisses that thought but kept on bugging me if she should trust her instincts or not . I told her that she can try and get the services of New Jersey Private Investigators or the Las Vegas Private Investigators (word is that her fiancee gets to go to a whole lot of places) if she really wants to know the truth. The thing is she has to be emotionally ready as well to know whatever the truth is.

I hope that her instincts are wrong. If the rumors are true, then I'd hate to see the effect of it. Hopefully, they'll be able to solve this problem in the soonest time possible. Will the truth set them free? I'm not sure. All I know is that the truth certainly comes with a price.

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