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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A short rant


I still have tons of things to do today. And since I need to finish most of it, I decided to bring my tasks with me as I wait for my husband in the mall.

Since it was still going to be a hefty two-hour wait, I did my writings at Bo's coffee shop in Robinson's galleria. First, it was a good wifi spot. Second, their coffee isn't too expensive as compared to the others. (Although the coffee strength can get better) and lastly it wouldn't cost you anything if you need to plug your laptop to have it charged.

I figured I'll use my credit card instead of the cash that I had. What do you know, they don't charge it in your card not unless the minimum order is P200. It was the first time I encountered such rule in a coffee shop. Maybe it was wrong of me to assume that they don't have a minimum. But I have used my card in so many (and I mean many!) coffee shops and none of them needed a minimum amount to be able to charge your purchase.

I wondered if that was really the case or that guy really didn't know how to do the charging thing. How can I not think that when it took him 5 minutes before he told me that they had a minimum amount before you charge the purchase in your credit card. Hmm....I should have gone to Figaro instead.

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