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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And then...ZYE turned one!

Long overdue post. But the memory of it is still fresh in my mind.

Last October 4, Zye turned one. There was no fancy party, not even a home gathering for that matter. We planned a simple day ahead for our families to share together.

Inspite the fact that Zye will not be having a first birthday party, I was still excited. Maybe it was because I have been reminded of my not so good condition before I gave birth and here he is now -- strong, happy, actively crawling, walks confidently when his hand can hold on to something, shouts and claps at his own definition of happiness while his teeth (he's got three now!) peeps through.
Wow. And I thought that it has been ages. But here he is celebrating his 12th month in this world. We wanted something new and diverted from the usual KTV bonding to a few games of bowling at Green Valley Bowling Alley (the one near Valle Verde). It was hilarious! While everyone else were busy figuring out how to get a perfect game, we were busy laughing our hearts out as some have never gone bowling. We counted the number of strikes that we get (collectively) since most of the times our bowling balls end up finding their way to the canal. Zye enjoyed the colorful balls after the game. He was asleep while the whole game was going on.

After bowling, we went for a good, quiet dinner at Grilla Libis. Well, we actually dined at Old Spaghetti house (which was the non-smoking area located at the ground floor) but ordered food from Grilla (second floor, smoking area). We got their ultimate barbeque platter and sizzling veggies (which was more like pinakbet on a sizzling plate). Some of the boys got a few rounds of drink so we got the spicy sausage trio, cheese sticks and calamares while chatting our hearts out.

A few minutes while the family conversation was getting started we decided to light the candle on Zye's cake and sing him his birthday song. My sister brought this racing car themed birthday cake which we all loved (including Zye!) The cake wasn't too sweet that we all ended up taking off most of the icing on it (Zye was first to taste the icing)

We decided to call it a night at around 11 in the evening happy with how the day turned out. I think more than anything else, each one of us just feels so blessed that Zye is turning out pretty well. The bonding that our families have is also something that we are all thankful for. Nothing beats celebrating with them. The day was just perfect.

We love you Zye! Mommy and Daddy will do their best to give you the best. And just in case you don't always get the best of everything, we'll make sure that our love will be more than enough to fill up all the spaces between better and best.

You are our miracle, God's gift. Our little angel in disguise.


Rocks said...

Belated happy birthday to your ZYE! May the Lord bless him always!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Zye! Jown, I thought you were going to have a swimming party at Manila East? :)

JAN said...

was Zye chewing on a cucumber? good boy! nako si Aqi ko gusto lang ng mga pureed. nyek.