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Monday, September 22, 2008

Multiple choice

The other day, I was teasing a friend of mine that she would have to sponsor my ticket to the U.S. for me to be able to go there for vacation since my husband and I are on a tight budget. She laughed out loud with that. Yesterday, she had a new proposal. She was asking me to choose one from the following choices: Madison Square Garden Tickets, Radio City Music Hall Tickets , or Giants Stadium Tickets. I was surprised, confused and excited with the choices she gave me. I asked her why and she said that the offer is only good if I don't ask any questions. I'm actually torn between the garden and radio city but knowing that New Kids On the Block will be having a concert on October 27 made me realize I'd love a ticket to Madison Square Garden for that particular show.

So what's the deal with the choices she gave me? She's buying me a ticket to the October 27 show on Madison Square garden and it's up to me if I'm going to show up or not. Talk about dilemna! Maybe someone can sponsor my plane ticket as well. Hmmm.

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