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Friends who crossed the line of friendship to discover that we can love more than we thought we can. Brought together by God and have discovered along the way that there is a deeper reason why we are together. Our mission is not to be done individually,but together. This site contains our past and our journey to the future..a sharing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears -- all about our adventures in life.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Capturing moments

I missed having to update my blogs but I have been busy making a new one. I think I'm beginning to be a serial blogger. Harhar!

Seriously, I just thought of making a photoblog as I have dreamed of having one way before I started blogging. We have so much picture that I just want to have it posted somewhere so that I can access it anytime, anywhere. I want our pictures to have it's own nest separate from the words and just let it speak for itself.

It's still in the process of becoming a really nice photoblog. And I love the title I gave it. You may want to check it out here.

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