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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breaking out

It's that time of the month when nothing seems to go well. You try so hard and yet your best simply isn't good enough. You wonder why it happens even if you did everything that they told you to do and avoided the things that aggravates the situation. Still you end up getting hurt.

Oh this is not at all poetry. I'm just talking about my pimples!

Yes, there is that particular time of the month when my acne just seems to act up on my helpless little face. Amazingly I was relieved to have been introduced to Acne complex so my usual zit outbreaks have been more controlled. Of course when I surrender to the guilty pleaseure of eating too much oily food, acne still finds its way to me. I have called such as my murad acne because it surprises me how it still grew on me even when I have used murad acne complex regularly. I guess my poor diet (or should I say stubbornness?) will lead me to have acne problem inspite of the good habit of using acne complex. You can't blame me though. Who could resist those tempting fries and chips? Or that oh so yummy deep-fried spicy chicken wings?

Talk about choosing. I know, my face is still more important than my cravings. I just wish I have that much courage to say no always. Hmm, I have to make a mental note though to remind my brother-in-law to try murad acne complex. Maybe I'd get him one as an early Christmas present. He'll definitely have a great holiday once he experiences the change that he'll get.

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