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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The supermarket experience

Last Saturday was the first time that I went inside the grocery store with Zye. And I didn't even do my groceries!

Instead of picking us up from the house, I told Dong to just meet me and Zye at SM Hypermart Ortigas. We were to attend his officemate's son's dedication at Market! Market! and meeting him at the hypermart will definitely save us some time (and gasoline!)

Since Zye is already heavy and I am not exactly tall, carrying him around is a challenge for me. The stroller was in the car so I don't have any other option. If we sit down, Zye will just probably start turning or jumping on the chair and that will spell difficult for me.

The creative side of me figured something to solve my dilemna. We went to the supermarket and I had Zye sit down in the big push cart. I was one happy mom I tell you because the minute he sat down the cart it was like his world stopped. He was so amazed with the big shelves and all the other push carts around him. Problem solved! I had one satisfied baby having the ride of his life. The best thing is that I caught it all on my cellphone's cam!

Yeah, Zye didn't really look too happy with the last picture. But there's a story behind that. A little girl and her mom went inside the dressing room. Zye was actually waiting for them to come out. He was a bit surprised because they went inside but didn't come out immediately. Hahaha. I even explained it to him even if I knew he wouldn't really understand me.

That was our weekend story.

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Jenny said...

Ang bait ni Zye! Not attempting to escape. Si Belle, escape artist na. :(