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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sticks and Celebrations

I need to make a mental note to find a good cigar for my cousin’s husband. It will be his 38th birthday this coming August 28 and my cousin said that her husband will definitely have cigars in his birthday list.

I am no expert on such and I have actually asked one of my friends to help me out on this task. My friend suggested a store that sells the best cigars in town so my husband and I will probably drop by the store one of these days. My friend also suggested an online website that sells the finest cigars he has ever known. A wide variety is indeed available at famous smoke's online shop. Just in case we get caught up with our tight schedule, I'll definitely do my shopping online.

I think we will buy a good wine as well to bring to his party. A good toast will most certainly give a boost to the celebration. Cheers to everyone!

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