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Friday, August 15, 2008

My very own coffee break

Apparently my blog's title will definitely suggest, if not fully imply, that I love coffee. Well, I do. So this post will pay tribute to the coffee tastes that I love most. I am not claiming that I am an expert on this one. Thus, everything that I will be talking about here will be based on my very own opinion. And it will not hurt if you say a thing or two as well about your own favorite coffee blend.

ON FIRST PLACE: Kopiko 3-in-1 coffee mix.

Yes. Kopiko is no longer just a candy. It has evolved to be a blend of its own and I must say that it is living up to its standards. If you love the candy version I believe you will love their coffee mix as well. It is, however, stonger than the usual instant coffee mix and I must say that it is the best replacement for the usual blend of a strong brewed coffee.

COMING IN SECOND. Starbucks coffee.

Some may say that most people love Starbucks only because of the status quo that is attached to someone who drinks their coffee. But among those of its kind (I need not say the names of the other establishments as a sign of respect), I love how their mix is strong enough to wake me up. Their frappucinos (cold coffee blends) are not too sweet that is why a venti is still quick to finish as compared to the other cold blends that I have tried. My favorite hot coffee is their Caramel machiatto and for the cold coffee it's a tie between coffee jelly and caramel frap.

THIRD but SO NOT THE LEAST. Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

I think they are the one that really started the coffee talks here in the country. Well, at least in my generation. But way before all the coffee shops came into life, Dunkin Donuts have been serving good brewed coffee. The smell of their coffee actually entices your craving that you get lured to come in and take a look at what they have inside.

There. I still have a few favorites but these are my top three coffee blends. It satisfies my taste buds, tickles my senses and warms my soul. More than the coffee itself, it's the conversation that happens within each coffee break and the bonding moments with the people whom you share your coffee time with that makes the experience worth while.

Enjoy your cup today.

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