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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dress code

I may never be able to explain what it is about women and shopping. There is a certain kind of attraction that just happens when I am in the midst of clothes.

It's not even an addiction as some people say. It's instinct. Summer comes, then it's time to shop for shorts, cotton shirts, sleeveless tops and bright colored dresses. When the cold months come, it's time for jackets, long sleeved shirts or blouses and shawls. I can go on explaining but it just boils down to one thing: shopping is essential all-year round.

I am not even justifying my love for shopping. I'm simply stating out the fact that shopping is important not just for women, but for everyone. You can always do it wisely by going every sale so that you get to have more value for your money.

Let's not even start talking about shoes and bags. I can go on forever if we include those two!

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