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Monday, August 25, 2008

Staying healthy

Good health is very important nowadays. It is such a challenge to actually stay fit in such a stressful, polluted world.
I am not comfortable in drinking vitamins because I still associate them as medicines so I'd rather go for other means and ways to stay healthy. Right now I am using panty liners and napkins that prevents cervical cancer and detoxifies my body at the same time. Yeah, talk about technology huh? The other day another technology was introduced to me by a churchmate. She said that she is currently undergoing magnetic theraphy. I was speechless. Magnetic what?

It turned out that almost the same way with the panty liners I am using, magnetic therapy products also uses what I call the "ion theory" to help in our body's wellness. Learning that made me happy because I know for a fact how ions (especially the negative ones) attract more oxygen. That is already a big factor to consider using magnet therapy and that is just one of the many things that this product can do. You want to know the other health benefits that we can get from it?

Nah. I won't spoil the surprise. You'd have to find out for yourself.

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