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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starting over

I am no longer the organized person that I was before.

No, or house is not a mess and my things are definitely in its proper places. It's just that I have TONS of things to do and I end up just doing two or three of them in a month's time. Yah. A pretty bad record. And I don't even have to make taking care of Zye as a reason. My mind is just all over the place right now.

I am so not practicing my 7 habits. I am dealing with urgent things and I don't even categorize them if they are important or not. Whatever is needed at the moment. Worst is when I do things that I just feel like doing but are not exactly on my top list of things-to-do. I know, I know. Not too good for a starting mom. But at least I know what the problem is.

Start again with using my PLANNER! Yes. I used to be a list everything girl. Noting everything. Making sure I follow my schedule. Get everything done. I miss that old me. It's not an excuse that I've got tons of responsibilities at hand. I've got to be up to the challenge once more. Do the thing I do most: PLAN EVERYTHING.

Can I start tomorrow? Hahaha!

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