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Friends who crossed the line of friendship to discover that we can love more than we thought we can. Brought together by God and have discovered along the way that there is a deeper reason why we are together. Our mission is not to be done individually,but together. This site contains our past and our journey to the future..a sharing of emotions, feelings, thoughts, dreams, fears -- all about our adventures in life.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The other side

The sun has set
the sky has darkened so much
that the twinkling of the stars are fading fast

The seas no longer bring peace
they became reminders of the suffering
which you thought would have been endless

now the story had ended.
no longer will you be able to see warmth
the only remembrance
was the pain.

Papa is just a word now.

-jdd 08.09.08-

For my uncle, Papa Wing. You will always be remembered dearly.
We love you.

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