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Saturday, June 21, 2008


It was a good week for me.

First, the Celtics won the NBA finals. I must say though, that it was not a very exciting game because of the huge lead in the score. But the highlights were definitely amazing to watch.

Second, I believe that we are slowly getting out of our debts. We are finally seeing some good financial status. We really had a rough time since I gave birth due to my 2 and a half week confinement ( My case was placenta praevia) plus the fact that I underwent an emergency C.S. But God's goodness saw us through. Inspite of our financial struggle, we always manage to pay all our bills in time. We never had too much but He always gave us enough to meet our needs. Now, we have a little to spare to save, a little to spare for a few things we want as well.

Lastly, we finally had our DSL installed! Hooray! After the long search and wait, I can finally go to different websites in just a few seconds. I can now enjoy technology at its finest.
Now, didn't I tell you it was a good week for me? I hope you had a blast as well. If not, You still have until tomorrow to make it a really good one.

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