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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finding the one

It is important to find the right one for you. In any case, if you haven't found the one, then you are bound to go on an endless search. Pero paano ba malalaman that it's the right one for you? When it meets all your needs, when you can handle it as if you've known it for a long time, when you find yourself unfolding its mysteries everyday and being contented even more -- yun na! That's the one.

Mine is the Nokia N77.

Hubby gave it to me as a gift a day after Father's day. Sabi ko nga, bakit ako yung may nakuhang magandang gift eh siya ang nag-celebrate ng Father's day. Well, it was his incentive. He is not a joystick tye of person so naicip niya na I would like it instead of selling it.

I had doubts at first. Actually, nanghinayang lang ako kasi high end phone na ito and the price is quite high. We can actually sell it and buy something else na hindi ganun kalaki ang monetary value. Sabi naman niya i-try ko daw muna. So I did. Hay, na-in love ako unti-unti.

It has 20 MB shared memoryand 64 MB SDRAM memory. Perfect to have my Go bible installed as one application. It has a memory card slot as well so I don't have to worry in storing mp3, mp4 or even wma files. I love the way it views my videos and photos, and I can even create albums for it. The built-in speakers create a great sound and its headset has a music player key with it.

It's not wi-fi ready. But then I have my laptop for that. I am just contented with the fact that it can browse to all the sites that I want since it's not limited in the pages that it can view. It has a lifeblog which I haven't tried, but I think this will be very useful in updating my sites. Wala na magiging hadlang sa pag blog ko. Hehehe.

It has a 2 MP camera with flash. May secondary camera din because it is a3G phone. It operates on Symbian and has quickoffice installed kaya I have my important documents at hand always.

I still have a lot to discover with my newest buddy. Right now, I'm just happy, happy, happy.

Thank you Dhe!!!!

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