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Monday, June 2, 2008

Faith and Music

During the time that I renewed my faith, I have decided to really be of service to the Lord. At first, akala ko talaga I can only be designated as an emcee. So I would really volunteer myself during Sunday service for that assignment. Pero as it turned out, the Lord has other plans for me.

Together with my husband, who was then my boyfriend, we organized the young people of the church to help them out in their dilemna of discovering the ministry that they want to be in. Sabi ko that time, "I believe eto na talaga yung plan ni Lord for me and Dong". We thank God for the inspiration and the guidance, thus the birth of S.Y.S.T.E.M (Serving Youth of S.T.E.M) . But His plan did not end there. Ang daming surprises ni Lord.

It turned out, the young people of our church had one common interest: music. Kaya ang nangyari, dun kami nagsimula ng ministry. We took responsibility of the church's music ministry. Isa lang talaga sa group namin ang masasabing marunong when it comes to music. At hindi ako yun. But it's true that when you delight yourself unto the Lord, He will give you the desires of your heart. Before we knew it, nagkaroon na kami ng specific places in the music ministry. God moves in mysterious ways talaga. It's because of His goodness na nagkaroon ako ng konting talent sa singing.

Don't get excited. Hindi ako magaling. But it's amazing kasi I have really learned to listen well to music kaya hindi na ako basta na-sisintunado. It's even wonderful kasi whenever I sing in church, it's like my voice changes. Mahirap i-explain. All I know is that ibang level talaga mag-bless si Lord. All you need to do is to give all that you have to Him, and He will give you everything else you need.

When I look back at all the things that has happened to me, I can't help to wonder what other amazing things are in store for me, for my husband, for our family. Imagine, God allowed us to experience singing in an acoustic concert? Way above our expectations, way above our talent, way above what we ever imagined. But then, for His glory, God allows it all-- big or small, even the impossible happens. All you need to do is to believe.

And I'm sure glad I did.

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