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Monday, June 2, 2008

Denjing moments

Lately, there haven't been pictures of me and my husband in this blog. I have been caught up in posting our son's developments, I forgot that this blog actually started because of our adventures together. For that, I'm simply posting snapshots from recent adventures we've had.

On our way to Tacligan, Mindoro.
This is the day before the Church Anniversary Camp.

Attending the wedding of my husband's client
at Angeles, Pampanga.

After a hearty dinner at Libis.

Whenever I look at our pictures, I just feel more blessed than ever. I thank God for giving me a wonderful husband who always brightens my day, supports me every step of the way and loves me like there is no tomorrow. *SIGH*

Am I a hopeless romantic or what?

Nah, just loved...really, really loved.

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Rocks said...

sis, you're not hopeless romantic. we share the same sentiments, whenever i see hubby, i know i am blessed beynd compare. :) blessings to your relationship!