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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


After the stressful week before and after our church's anniversary, I have been longing to have a full body massage. Yesterday, my hubby and I finally got one. A well-deserved treat to ourselves after the physical, mental and emotional stress we've been through. We have tried quite a few spa and home service massage but so far our favorite is the Big Apple Express Spa at SM hypermart Ortigas. Here's a list of why we love having our massage here:

1. More time.
Most of the full body massage, 1 hour talaga. At Big Apple, we love the fact that within 45 minutes, your body is as rejuvenated as it can get. I have nothing against massages that goes beyond 45 minutes. I just love the fact that you get to have more time to do other stuff. Meron din silang package na 1 hour so you can still splurge into a whole hour massage if you want. For me, perfect na yung 45-minute nila.

2. Less can be more.
A 45-minute full body massage with oil costs only 299. That is already a good price considering the service you get.

3. Friendly staff.
From the owner down to the therapist...you will definitely feel the warmth of the people in Big Apple. There have been some spa wherein we did not feel welcome at all, as if wala kaming ibabayad. Dito, it doesn't matter kung matagal ka nang customer or first timer ka. You are all treated with equal warmth and attention.

4. In good hands.
They have really good therapists. I can tell because pumasa sila sa husband ko..hehehe. I mean there are some kasi na when you say light massage, hindi nila nagagawa kasi sobra sa bigat yung kamay. Meron namang iba na pag sinabi mong moderate, hindi rin ma-achieve kasi sobrang gaan naman talaga ng kamay. So far, lahat (and I mean iba-iba talaga) nung nag-massage sa amin, they know well how to shift from light to moderate. That's why you really feel good after the massage. They did it well kasi even if they had just a short time.

There..those are the top things we love about our favorite massage spa. Sayang, I always forget to bring our camera whenever we go for a massage. Next time I'll post some pictures fo you can get a glimpse of the spa.

Until our next appointment.

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