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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My things to do

Rocks sent me this one. My only challenge is not to lengthen the list..hehehe.. in real life, I am a to-do-thing person. I don't trust my memory as far as things to do are concerned thus the list. Since it's no longer the first day of the week, I figured to do mine from today until the next Wednesday.

1. Today- update blogs: family blog and personal blog. Go to Nokia care to have my sister's 9300 fixed. Pay electricity and phone bill
2. Thursday - visit/call mall admin of SM, Robinson's Galleria and Ever Ortigas.
3. Friday - blog hop day. Text members for a meeting this Saturday.
4. Saturday - SYSTEM general meeting, echoSYSTEM practice, youth bible study
5. Sunday - go to church; launch the jrS in church
6. Monday (next week) - marketing/advertising of products; Update multiply account
7. Tuesday (next week) - update Zye's digiscrap

Passing this one to other busy bloggers. Let's see your list of things to do: Jhen, Ann and Sujee.

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