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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weekend stories and the hunt for the ultimate broadband

Our weekend was quite exhausting but it was otherwise okay. Saturday was check-up and vaccine day. After Dong's work, we went to the doctor for Zye's measles vaccine and his monthly check-up. He gained only 0.1kg but increased his length from 68cm to 72cm. We were glad that the rain finally stopped Sunday morning because we attended a wedding at Pampanga later that afternoon.

We are still in search of a good, reliable, (if possible) broadband internet provider. My husband and I have already agreed to apply for a bundled landline and DSL with PLDT. Unfortunately when I was about following up the said application, the customer service told me that the bundled promo is not applicable to our existing line. I have absolutely NO IDEA why. The girl just kept on saying, "according to our records, that is not possible". However did it happen that the other customer serice agreed that I apply for the bundled promo and the other was saying the exact opposite. In conclusion, we no longer applied for PLDT's myDSL. So the hunt for the great internet provider is still on.

Have you any idea which one we should get?

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