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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The cook that did not win a cooking contest

The much awaited Little David VS. Big David battle has ended. After how many weeks of singing their hearts out, David Cook was crowned this year's American Idol.

Hay salamat, akala ko talaga matatalo siya!

Last night, watching their final showdown, mas umangat talaga si David A. David C. was still good, don't get me wrong. Pero kagabi, biglang nag-step up si David A. And for a moment, I really thought the little David was gonna win the fight.

I guess the "Billy Jean" and "Always be my baby" rendition of David Cook did the thing. Those two songs really stuck in my head because it went really well for him as if it was his own. Oh, to top that, his version of "I don't want to miss a thing" sealed the deal for me. Pero in fairness, David A. gave a very goodfight. In the least six seasons, it was a first to see wto guys in the finals...if my memory serves me right.

It's amazing din how the other finalists seem to really sing well during the finale. Maybe it's because they're no longer nervous. It was so refreshing as well seeing Donna Summer and her so non-diva attitude. Cool niya di ba, sharing her microphone with Syesha because the latter's microphone wasn't working. It was so nice. Carrie Underwood's looking really nice with the way she did her hair and the outfit she was wearing made her look really sexy. And that's on top of her amazing singing voice. Hanep talaga. How I wish ganun ang singing voice ko! (Naks, talagang as if may singing voice to begin with. Fighting spirit!)

I will surely miss my A.I routine every Wednesdays and Thursdays. Okay lang, excited na ako with PDA and Pinoy Idol. Goodluck lang sa akin kasi feeling ko pagsasabayin nila ng timeslot eh.

Sana hindi.

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